After Winning Supreme Court Houseboat Case, Fane Lozman Scores Another Win Against Riviera Beach

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We were remiss not to tell you about this sooner, but on the last day of February, a Palm Beach County judge handed down yet another win to Fane Lozman, the Marine Corps pilot turned millionaire stockbroker turned houseboat owner turned hero for the Little Man everywhere.

Lozman made national news in January when he won a case in front of the U.S. Supreme Court. In 2006, Lozman had been living on his houseboat in Riviera Beach, at the city marina -- one of the few remaining places in South Florida where dockage remained affordable to the average boater. But of course, developers wanted to use the public property for private, commercial enterprises.

Lozman attended city meetings and fought politicians' last-minute efforts to sell the property to developers using eminent domain.  For this, he suffered nasty retaliation from city officials, who had his houseboat seized and towed away under maritime law.

Lozman argued that they didn't have jurisdiction -- that his houseboat was a "floating home" and not a "vessel." That's the case he won in the Supreme Court.

As Lozman was fighting for his home, his cohorts back in Riviera Beach were also carrying on with another court battle to keep hungry profiteers at bay.
When Rybovich Marine wanted to lease land at the public marina for its commercial boat repair business, Lozman and other Riviera Beach residents formed the Riviera Beach Task Force. They successfully placed a question on the ballot for the November 2010 general election, asking whether there should be an amendment to the city charter to prohibit use of the municipal marina for anything other than public use. Voters approved the measure.

But in January 2011, the city held a closed-door (possibly illegal) meeting on how to reverse the matter. Also, a new citizens' group called the Committee for a Better Riviera Beach emerged, and it put forward another ballot question that would repeal the Task Force's amendment.

It was titled "Repeal of November 2010 Charter amendment which imposed restrictions on use of City Marina" and asked "Shall the City of Riviera Beach's Charter be amended to repeal the changes made to Article VII, Section 3.5, which were approved at the the November 2, 2010 General Election."

That passed too -- essentially giving the ball back to the developers.

But the Task Force members balked at the wording of the CBRB's language on the ballot and took it to court.

Just this February, Circuit Court Judge Glenn D. Kelley agreed that without context, "there is no way for the voter to determine what he or she is approving or disapproving" and ordered that the city couldn't delete the Task Force's amendment.

Score one for the little guys.

Riviera Beach City Attorney Pamala Ryan did not return a call yesterday.

Lozman said that he remains active with the Task Force and that he continues to be on the watch for corruption in the city. "No one has the time, money, and resources to stand up to them except me, and look at the price I paid." 

Through the courts, he is still trying to recoup about $600,000 from the city -- for his legal fees plus the cost of his houseboat -- and expects the city will be ordered to pay it sometime in the next few months.

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To abouttime83    

The key to being a corruption fighter is gathering intel.  This intel comes to you in two ways, digging it out of public records, or sources (normally anonymous) giving it to you.  These sources only become aware of who you are through media coverage, or telling the world what you have accomplished.  Chaz Stevens is a friend of mine and has been an invaluable resource to me.  Chaz  has a special gift in gathering intel that has directly resulted in corrupt politicians being removed from office.  For example, you would be shocked how much intel was gathered after Poitier was busted, but it cannot be disclosed because it would compromise ongoing investigations.  What I can assure you is your analysis of the Poitier bust is severely mistaken, along with the fact that she had a lot of enemies.   

Chaz worked with me daily on my recall of the Riviera Beach City Council.  Granted we only collected 60% of the needed signatures, but without Chaz's efforts, we would have been lucky to have obtained 30%.  We also received some incredible intel during the recall effort. To say that Chaz is aggressive and raw in his tactics is an understatement.  But I could care less and so should you.  Chaz  gets quality and actionable  intel his way, and that is all that matters.  Chas is a corruption fighting superstar.  So take a step back and  stop throwing rocks, get off you butt, and join the fight.  Go spend 100 hours digging through Broward and Palm Beach County campaign disclosure forms and start putting the pieces together.   Just remember, once you bust your first politician, you will become a public figure and then the fun starts.  I have had at least 30 death threats, along with a couple high powered rifle rounds that just missed me when I was pulling into the Riviera Beach marina.  Chaz has also received many death threats and  his dog was intentionally poisoned. 

Fane Lozman


Timothy Stevens (Chaz) This is what a real activist does ,like you he does not have time to waste  exposing other commentors, bloggers etc  that do not like your ignorant  comments.Especially someone like you with a criminal history(abusing women).You could learn something from Fane, mostly how to be humble and not go around bragging how you had a Grandma (Sylvia Poitier) arrested and than have it laughed out of court.Yes folks read all about the athiest POS on Leo Affairs Hollywood PD who mocked a Xmas Nativity scene  by assembling empty beer cans next to it,I am sure all the kids visiting this wonderfull event did not find it  amusing at all, one of Timmys proudest moments Fortunately he cant delete any of my comments (or other commentors) like he has  on his My Acts of Stupidity.

funchey1 moderator editor

Yes Chaz, you too :) 


I am proud to call Fane Lozman a friend.

He kicks ass, doesn't he?


@FaneLozman I actually have some respect for Timothy in his efforts and accomplishments,its his messing with the good guys bloggers and commentors Parkland Man Larryboy  Dr A Bob Norman unowhooo etc etc etc and his stupid ass athiest demonstrations that have nothing to do with activism.I warned him many times not to expose my fellow commentors .I think calling him a corruption fighting superstar is not only highly exagerated but it has gone to his gigantic head he needs a reallity check and he has to learn not to get to personal  with the corrupt Pols he is exposing .I am more into Police corruption as you will eventually learn and I have spent many hours  investigating putting together a homicide cover up even dumpster diving to retrieve info.Threats intimidation stalking went on for many years until I contacted a friend at SAO and exposed them on the blogs.So the best thing you can do is put a muzzle on Mr Stevens and  point him towards the bad guys and I will let the Superstar live his dream...


@abouttime83 Gary.

I believe the Government recommends a minimum safe distance of 4 ft between your tin-foiled covered head and the nearest microwave.

If you knew anything about Deerfield Beach you'd recognize the fact Poitier is not in office -- and not stealing our taxpayer money.

But, since you don't own a home, let alone pay your child support, I won't bore you with issues like being a responsible resident.

funchey1 moderator editor

@abouttime83 Hi Gary! Catch any murderers yet? Still bummed we couldn't help w that.  :S


@ChazStevensGenius @abouttime83 \Timothy you just proved my point,yes folks this a typical lame comeback, that tinfoiled covered head is getting old.As far as Poitier there is no comparison to the taxpayer money wasted SAO LE etc in your feeble attempt to send a 70ish grandma to prison  .As far as being a responsible resident you are best to stay at home and annoy the world on your PC and leave the real activism and investigations to Bob Norman my buddy Fane  and yours truly


@funchey1 @abouttime83  I am still at it , I will be contacting you soon thanks

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