New Miami Dolphins Logo Might Have Been Leaked for Real This Time, Maybe

fin bag 13.jpg

Turns out the brand-spanking-new Miami Dolphins logo that was supposedly leaked back on March 18 -- this one -- isn't the actual brand-spanking-new Miami Dolphins logo.

However, another logo was leaked after that -- this one -- and now that one appears to be the actual logo thanks to putting it on its site.




The Draft page "Predict the Pick" has all the team logos lined up in draft order.

And earlier this morning, the Dolphins' tab featured the logo that everyone is saying is the new logo:

nfl fins logo.jpg

However, if you go to the site now, the Dolphins tab is apparently empty:

nfl fins logo empty.jpg

So either someone in the NFL web staff put up the new logo and made Dolphins brass lose their shit about it or it's not the new logo but one of many rumored ones.

The Miami Herald has said this one is indeed the new logo.

We won't know officially until April 25.

We still think our reader-submitted logos make the best logos.

But that's us.

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