New Miami Dolphins Logo Leaked? Maybe, but Probably No

ellerbe logo.jpg

With the Miami Heat blowing NBA faces to smithereens and the University of Miami Men's hoop team getting a number-two seed for the NCAA tournament, the Miami Dolphins are left in the wake, wallowing in their spending spree for free-agent players who probably don't deserve all the money they're getting.

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So they've devised a plan. And that plan is to tell everyone that they plan on unveiling their new logo on April 18 because when the U of M Men's Basketball team is doing things you haven't done in more than a decade, now is the best time to razzle-dazzle everyone with a picture of a porpoise.

But has the new logo been leaked?

Turns out, newly signed linebacker Dannell Ellerbe may have leaked the new logo per his Twitter feed.

His Twitter avi, which used to be a picture of Ellerbe playing football as a Baltimore Raven, now features this avi:

ellerbe logo.jpg

HOWEVAH! Newly signed tight end Dustin Keller has this on his Twitter:

keller logo.jpg

(Keller also still has a picture of him in a Jets uniform. The shit, Keller??)

Could one of these be the new Dolphins logo?

And, if so, will it distract us long enough forget that the Dolphins keep finishing every season with a 7-9 record??

Some fans think the logo as-is is cute and should just be left alone.

Others, if you might recall, submitted their own designs to us a few weeks back.

Either way, April 18 will be the big reveal and we can all gather around our computers and be dazzled and have our asses blown clean off by the new picture that will appear on our 7-9 football team's helmets.

Can't wait!

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However they change it, people are going to freak out about it, because apparently people care very much about logos for some reason. I don't really get it but there will be complaining.

icculus17 topcommenter

let's all just admit that naming a team the dolphins was a bad idea from the start, I've never seen a real dolphin in Miami


Oh no, i don't approve of that idea at any time or place. They changed the logo like 10 years ago too and i thought it was worse. The Dolphin logo is just one of those that should never change, no matter what. I can, however, deal with a logo change over a color change. As long as they NEVER tinker with the Miami aqua and orange i can deal with a logo change.

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