Jim Larranaga Dancing, Heat Winning Streak, FGCU: Florida Is Suddenly the Mecca of Basketball

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In what has become the perfect storm of face-smashing dunks, fearsome jumpers, and all-around hardwood awesomeness, Florida is right now, officially, the mecca of basketball.

Thanks to the Miami Heat, the Miami Hurricanes men's basketball team, and the rise of the mightiest of underdogs in Florida Gulf Coast University, all the world has its eyes on a place that has historically been known as a football state.

Also, Jim Larranaga dancing is probably the greatest thing ever.

The amazeballs came crashing into all our faces on Sunday, when the Miami Heat started things off by demolishing the Charlotte Bobcats 109-77 to keep its epic winning streak alive at 26 straight victories.

LeBron James dropped 32 points and ten assists and was just two rebounds away from recording yet another triple-double, as the Heat scrotum-stomped Michael Jordan's boys with a 26-5 onslaught in the second half to move seven games closer to the all-time NBA record of 33 wins in a row.

After the game, an all-white-suit-clad Dwyane Wade, who sat out with a bruised knee, hijacked the postgame interview with LeBron, which was also videobombed by Karate Bosh:

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