Jeb Bush Versus Marco Rubio: Jeb Just John Kerry'd Marco

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Look, you guys.

It's not so much that Jeb Bush is out of step with everyone else on immigration reform or that he's a complete flip-flopping dolt.

It's just that he has horrible timing.

And, as Jeb! points out himself, people were totally against the whole "path to citizenship" thing when he was working on his just-released book, Immigration Wars: Forging an American Solution, and now are all changing their damned minds.

Jeb! even named names.

"When we were working on this [book]," he says, "Marco Rubio wasn't for a path to citizenship."


Jeb! has been making the rounds plugging his book that, with the immigration debate having evolved, now suddenly seems like it was written in 1976.

But plug away he is. And in an interview with the Washington Post, Bush wanted to make it clear that his fellow GOPers -- including, NAY ESPECIALLY, Rubio -- were all against the path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants while he was writing his book.

"It is really not surprising," Bush told Gerson. "The book was written last year in a certain environment. The goal was to persuade people against immigration reform to be for it. Since that time, eight of 100 senators have moved, and not much in the House... When we were working on this, Marco Rubio wasn't for a path to citizenship."

Everyone was all SCREW THE IMMIGRANTS, so I went and wrote a book that would pander to those guys and then I finished it and published it, and now everyone's changed their mind? DAMN IT, YOU GUYS.

Politicians gonna politicks.

Rubio was totally against a path to citizenship, but he's since relaxed his stance on it and is for it now, while Bush was for a path to citizenship but then became against it when he wrote his book, then Bush was all well maybe I am cool with a path to citizenship on the same day his book was released and...

"We're writing a book, not a law," Bush tells Gerson.

Good one, Jeb!

Either way, Bush and Rubio are the GOPers' best hope for retaking the White House in 2016.

Good luck with that, bros.

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frankd4 topcommenter

what this really show is how cavalier these priviledged and self-centered egotistical buffoons are

on a whim for their own self aggrandizement they will send our nation's young people to war.................meanwhile for those young people to risk being killed or injured  or otherwise be put in harms way simply to act out some cowboy fantasy is a real matter of life or death every day of deployment in action

or else simply gauge the winds blowing and either support or not a path to citizenship for immigrants based soley on how far the issue carries the politician................meanwhile for those illegals here their fears of going back to a place they will likely be jailed or impoverished or maybe even killed means nothing to the politician

JEB is a JOKE to take people for granted as he does on these MAJOR issues which potentially severly impact peoples lives.......................maybe JEB will help maybe JEB will filp-flop maybe JEB will wait to see what RUBIO decides maybe JEB will run in 2016 maybe JEB won't run in 2016 so i guess we all WAIT for lord fontleroy to maybe throw the masses a few crumbs while JEB yuks it up with his uber-wealthy society connections who could care less if their mexican gardener is or isn't going to be able to be a citizen anytime soon

frankd4 topcommenter

..........otherwise these guys really don't THINK THINGS OUT, whether its immigration policy, or pursuing wars, or giving government bail-outs before DECIDING simply because they know they can always change their minds later

JEB was our education governor here in FLORIDA = remember ?

frankd4 topcommenter

another BUSH BOOK that,  i guess,  can be ADDED to the BUSH library, so that makes a grand total of three books total in that LIBRARY..........NEITHER WORD,  scholar nor statesman,   will ever be attributed to a's a wonder dubbya can even READ a book, let alone write one

zapata OIL uber-wealthy snobs pretty much covers it, so they should all just go away from the public life of politics and enjoy their money privately in priviledge and forget about ruining this country any more than they already have

( forgot to mention olde man WALKER,  who proudly possessed GERONIMOs head at the skull and bones secret society on the campus of YALE in new haven)


Another disgusting inept Bush... His father was kicked out after one term, his brother started two wars and killed countless women and children over oil money, not to mention wrecking the whole economy and making us the most hated nation in the world.... The whole family should be barred from holding any kind of office for 100 years.... Oh and lets not forget his grandfather, Prescot Bush, was a Nazi.... Check it out, see for yourself.

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