Florida Voters Want a Ban on Assault Rifles, Universal Background Check

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With some Florida politicians calling for teachers to be armed and others calling for metal detectors to be placed in schools and our very own governor doing pretty much nothing at all about gun control, it seems that people who are not elected officials of any kind have the best solution to the gun problem in the state.

And that solution is to not allow people to buy machine guns and for those who buy regular guns to undergo a serious background check before they do so.

Citizens being smarter than elected officials? WHAT IS THIS TRICKERY??

Yup, turns out a whopping 91 percent of Floridians want a universal background check for those who want to purchase a gun, while a majority support for a nationwide ban on the sale of assault weapons.

That, according to Quinnipiac's new poll.

The poll says that Florida voters think Obama's views on guns are in line with their own more than the NRA.

Also, 60 to 31 percent of Floridians say allowing people to own assault weapons makes the country more dangerous rather than safer, with gun owners divided 44 to 44 percent.

"Floridians' views on guns are pretty much in line with results seen in other states surveyed by Quinnipiac University," Brown said. "Women are more likely to support restricting guns than men; blacks more than whites and Democrats more than Republicans. The idea of requiring background checks on those who want to buy guns has overwhelming support, 91 - 8 percent, in a country where getting a majority to agree on anything is often difficult."

Of course, 59 percent say that putting armed security in schools is a food idea, because Florida is gonna Florida.

Still, the poll is a slap to the face with a sock full of pennies to the NRA and other gun-humping groups who think the Second Amendment was written so they could arm themselves like Rambo for kicks.

Even those who currently own guns would like to see better background checks by an overwhelming 88-to-11 percent margin.

The Quinnipiac University surveyed 1,000 registered voters between March 13 to 18 and has a margin of error of +/- 3.1 percentage points. The polls were taken via phone calls.

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Question to readers coming to this article... Do YOU believe everything you read from the media and supposed polls? If you live in Florida… were you personally polled for this report?  I most certainly was not.  Don’t you too find it troubling that more often than not people will believe anything in writing posted by mainstream media? It is trusted with as much faith as you trust your own family.  The question to ask yourself is this... should you stop here and believe what is being told to you about rifles or should you find out ALL the facts first and then decide.

What have you done today besides reading this article to figure out what the REAL truth of the matter is?  Are you blindly following others so you won't have to Think For Yourself on the issues that count.  

You don't have to listen to me if you don't want to.  Although, did you know - The FBI numbers from 2005 to 2011, show that murders by hammers and clubs consistently EXCEED the number of murders committed with a rifle. In a nation of 311 million people, being killed by a rifle is about one homicide per million people.   Speaking of bans; Acetaminophen kills 458 people each year...4 TIMES as many people as guns.  Why aren't we screaming to the rafters to BAN HAMMERS & ACETAMINOPHEN!

Furthermore.... 1992 to 2011 stats shows violent crime as well as murders are down 49%! GOOGLE this and prove it to yourself. I invite you to marinade on that point and really allow it to sink deep into your mind…  Is our country more dangerous after all?

 Ask yourself if you are learning all the REAL information or are you being manipulated for an agenda...    Try to not think about these words that you read on this page that much, if you prefer to avoid reality.  If, however, you care about your Country then.. RESEARCH Everything I've typed, research everything You Have Read.  

 Yes, it's much easier to allow others to think for you.  Most would also agree.. They all know someone who finds it much easier to stand by and watch the world move past you.. while one remains idle and does nothing. 

See, if you were politician in power with specific agendas; would prefer a complacent and non thinking society, which simply prefers to regurgitate what the media is feeding them OR would you prefer a society of FREE thinkers who believe in self education on topics BEFORE making a decision?  Once background checks are placed onto the books that is the FIRST foothold they will need and after that it will be MUCH easier to slowly strip away our other rights piece by piece. What right does government have to tell a father hey can not give a gun to his son without a background check? 

99.7% of registered gun owners are abiding the law.  REMEMBER, it's NOT about guns, it’s about control.  Protect our constitution and the 2nd Amendment BEFORE it is too late for you, your children and your grandchildren. 


What we need is an automatic death penalty, without delay, for anyone using a weapon in the act of a forcible felony. and mandatory 60 years in prison for carrying a gun without a permit... This would start to put a dent in this bullshit.

Later we will discuss public hanging and how that could be a great deterrent brought back.


You need to check your facts... No poll has a majority of Floridians wanting an assault weapon ban.... NOT ONE!


From the article: "The poll says that Florida voters think Obama's views on guns are in line with their own more than the NRA."

From the Quinnipiac poll: "President Barack Obama better reflects their views on guns, 44 percent of Florida voters say, while 45 percent say the National Rifle Association better reflects their views."

How exactly does 44 percent for Obama beat 45 percent for the NRA?


I would like to see the questions asked in these polls where the majority is in favor of gun control.

Typically the questions are phrased: if restrictions reduced crime, would you be in favor of gun control.

-Which is of course misleading.  Which gun control measures will reduce crime?    background checks do make sense.

but most gun crimes are not committed by law abiding citizens, and definitely  not by concealed weapons permit holders.  

I'm still waiting to hear how anyone of these laws up for passage would have stopped any of the mass murders.

OTOH, armed principals,  armed citizens  or cops in schools would have.  (or could have stopped is sooner). 

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