Cabdrivers of Broward Unite; Behind the Fort Lauderdale Airport Protests

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John Camillo, president and CEO of Yellow Cab's parent B&L Service Inc., counters the claims about the DriveCam. He points out that the equipment is there to ensure the drivers are acting within the rules. Also, the cameras protect drivers. As proof, Camillo cites an incident involving a cabbie assaulted by a passenger. "I've had drivers thank me for putting them in the cars," he tells New Times.

On the airport fee issue, Camillo points out that the company is still cutting massive checks to the county for its share of the $3.50 pickup. "We don't make any money off the amount the airport charges," he says, adding that he's working with the county on issue. "I don't want to try this in the press. I am just going to say Yellow Cab is entirely cognizant of the issue and is working hard on behalf of its drivers and the industry."

As for Jean-Charles, he's facing charges of obstructing justice without violence. At first, it looked like he might lose his Yellow Cab gig, but now he's back on the job. As for internal discipline, there's no sign what could be coming down the line. Regarding the main issues, drivers say they're still negotiating. More protests could be coming if they don't see some give from management. 

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