A Ban on Bongs and Abortions?: The Nine Most Attention-Grabbing Bills in the Florida Legislature

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1.) Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act: A House committee got together and voted and recommended that Florida should not expand Medicaid coverage to roughly 1 million-plus residents under the Affordable Care Act, then drove off in their gold plated hovercrafts and went golfing with their personal doctors.

So we're not even sure this thing will be brought up again.

But Gov. Rick Scott, the once-biggest-rival-of-Medicaid-expansion-of-all-times wants this to happen. And, most important, the majority of Floridians want this to happen.

The numbers are there. Without Medicaid expansion, Florida hospitals could face a $53.3 billion increase in uncompensated care costs by 2019. The $53 billion in unpaid care costs would coincide with a total $14.1 billion in Medicaid reductions.

Enough with the Teabag Dipshit-palooza. Let's make this happen already, Legislature.

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