A Ban on Bongs and Abortions?: The Nine Most Attention-Grabbing Bills in the Florida Legislature

abortion rights.jpg

3.) The Ban on All Abortions, No Exceptions: Basically, Good Ole Senate Bill Number Ten Oh Fiver Sixington will not allow you to get an abortion even if you were the victim of a rape, incest, or human trafficking. Oh, and any and all coverage afforded by the Affordable Care Act when it comes to abortion will be kaput if you were raped or got pregnant through incest, under this bill.

So try really, really hard not to get raped, ladies.

LGBT flag sunlight.jpg

2.) LGBT Civil Rights: In Florida, it's perfectly cool for your boss to fire you if you are A Gay. Doesn't matter if you're really good at your job. You're just gaying up the company, and, well, that just won't do. So pack your things, Gay McGayington.

However, the Competitive Workforce Act bill will look to update Florida's Civil Rights Act of 1992 to include protections against discrimination for reasons of sexual orientation and gender identity.

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