A Ban on Bongs and Abortions?: The Nine Most Attention-Grabbing Bills in the Florida Legislature

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7.) Ban on Texting and Driving: As it stands, Florida ain't got no restrictions or laws on texting and driving. And there is not one but several bills seeking to put the kibosh on that practice.

One bill seeks to make it a secondary offense if a cop has reason to believe you were texting and driving if he stopped you for a whole other moving violation altogether.

Another seeks to ban texting and driving PERIOD.

While still another wants to make it illegal for minors to have handheld devices of any kind while driving.

How authorities plan on enforcing any of these should they become law is anyone's guess. Unless you're caught by a traffic light camera typing LOL at someone's tweet, there's really no way a cop can prove you were texing while driving. lol <3 lmao.


6.) HPV Vaccine Info: This one's important simply by virtue of not letting people make other people dumb with their stupid theories. No, vaccinations do not cause autism, and yes, people should always listen to learned doctors and not C-list celebrities who became famous for showing people their tits. Especially when their kids are involved.

This bill basically boils down to educating and informing parents on what exactly the Human Papillomavirus Vaccination is, why it's necessary, and what it helps prevent (cervical cancer, genital warts, and some less common cancers) in young people and to make sure the Jenny McCarthys of the world don't go around saying dumb shit like vaccines that can potentially save your child's life will turn them into a centaur.

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