Violence Against Women Act: Marco Rubio Votes No, Bill Nelson Votes Yes

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On Tuesday, the Senate renewed the Violence Against Women Act by an overwhelming 78-22 vote.

Parts of the renewal include domestic violence protection for gays, lesbians, immigrants and Native American women.

Bill Nelson voted "yes" to renew the act.

Marco Rubio voted "no."

Banner day for that guy.

The act, which was signed into law by then-President Bill Clinton on September 13, 1994, has helped reduce national rates of domestic violence with programs and services, including the federal rape shield law, community violence prevention programs, funding for victim assistance services -- such as rape crisis centers and hotlines -- as well as providing legal aid for victims of violence.

Rubio has yet to explain why he voted no. But we're willing to bet it has something to do with spending and whatnot.

Rubio is not alone in objecting to the renewal. It still has to get past the House, where it has drawn objections and harrumph noises from Republicans.

Because, of course they don't approve.

Republican leaders, realizing that women didn't vote for them in November and won't be voting for them in the future, have pulled the ole Hey We're Working on Own Version of the Act.

But, of course, they have yet to present this erudite piece of legislation for everyone to see.

To be fair, VAWA is co-sponsored by Republican Mike Crapo of Idaho, and the renewal did get 23 votes from Republicans on Tuesday.

So they're not all complete jackasses about it.

Except, of course, the Savior.

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frankd4 topcommenter

rubio is too inexperienced to go it alone on his own so he had better tow the party line in any vote he takes = period

even if at first it seems dumb he must show he is a loyal soldier so that he will get his chance on the national scene just as palin and bachmann and cain did

even huntsman admitted to agreeing to side with things he himself wouldn't have supported but did so in fact to stay on the national GOP stage as long as he did

women are going to vote for HILARY anyway so the GOP might as well right them off anyhow

just sayin


Rubio just proves that the republican war on women is alive and well.  Its nice to know that he is a pro wife beater. 


"But, of course, they have yet to present this erudite piece of legislation for everyone to see."

I should think one who works at a news agency who can't find legislation would be in the unemployment line tomorrow.


My name is Marco Rubio, I believe in beating women and children, and I want to be the next President of these here United States of Cuba.

Catchy, eh?

frankd4 topcommenter

......"Rubio has yet to explain why he voted no.".......

he doesn't have to and is better off NOT explaining anything about a dumb vote to appease the angry olde white conservatives who can make him king

this is something allen west didn't learn when he opened his pie hole and made an ass of himself................making even the olde conservative geezers in the GOP leadership wince

rubio is too green to be able to talk his way over these tightropes he has to walk so he just better keep quiet = just vote and say nothing


@ChazStevensGenius Liberals love women, as long as they're trapped in a '68 Olds upside down in a river. Or under the desk. Or receiving texts of their dicks. They love women so much, they won't pay them as much as their male staffers (like Bill Nelson & Obama do) so they don't have to worry their pretty heads about big numbers. And since the women aren't allowed into cabinet meetings, they can go on Sunday morning shows to lie for the men in their spare time.

But hey, they'll exploit women in legislation loaded with pork and kickbacks to their buddies. They'll also oppose any attempt to protect all Americans because men, apparently, aren't as easily exploited for political gain. Not as much as women or kids who've been shot dead (but haven't yet assumed room temperature), it seems.

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