Retired Hollywood Police Sergeant Under Investigation for Missing Cash, Office Supplies

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It's a wonder they had all that money lying around what with the high technology they used for headshots.

John Nevins, a Hollywood Police Department sergeant who retired in April 2012 after serving on the force for 30 years, is under investigation for allegedly ganking as much as $175,000 from an evidence locker. He also allegedly took about $200 worth of office supplies from the department storeroom.

According to an internal affairs memo, Nevins, 51, was supposedly seen inside the storeroom of police headquarters back in December 16, 2012. This is a violation of a city policy that prohibits nonemployees from entering restricted areas. He was also eight months into retirement at that point.

Apparently, a civilian clerk, the unfortunately named Tony Dong, allowed Nevins into the storeroom and allowed him to walk freely into restricted areas.

Coincidentally, Dong was fired a few weeks ago for theft, incompetence, negligence of duty, and conduct unbecoming. All the reasons for his being canned are related to Nevins' case, so scratch the "coincidentally" part of that last sentence.

According to the memo, Dong gave Nevis some office supplies after the sergeant asked for some. This was captured by surveillance video. Among the supplies were batteries, CDs (yes, they apparently still make those), ink cartridges, and weekly planners (yes, they still make those).

But that's not all.

Nevins was the supervisor of the department vault when he was with the force, up until he retired. But he became embroiled in a Florida Department of Law Enforcement investigation at the time, into cash that had gone missing from the very vault Nevin supervised.

The missing money apparently ranged from $125,000 to $175,000, and while everyone and anyone who has ever been the overseer of the vault is being looked at, Nevins seems to be the guy it keeps coming back to.

Taking 200 bucks' worth of office supplies like he won a shopping spree at Office Depot doesn't help matters.

Nevins admitted to the Miami Herald that he took some boxes with him to the department on the day in question but said the boxes were for the needy.

Because the homeless and indigent need ink cartridges and CDs!

"I will be more than available to discuss this when it is all over," Nevins told the Herald after issuing a no-comment.

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There’s a cretin by the name of Gary LaLonde, who posts on Bob Norman and Buddy Nevins’ blogs under the moniker of Unowhoo. Somewhere along the lines, LaLonde took a shining to me. He’s an ever present troll on those boards.

If you were to read LaLonde’s writing, you’d believe he exuded decency and honor.

Nothing could be farther from the truth, as LaLonde is a dead beat dad — to the tune of $12,240.00. Since 2009, LaLonde was Court ordered to pay $360/month in child support. Looks like LaLonde didn’t make many, if any, payments. The Miami-Dade SAO had LaLonde picked up, allowing him to post $1,000 (applied to past due support + fees) to bond out. LaLonde made that payment.

frankd4 topcommenter

from a purely accounting internal control procedure standard,  there should always be someone else verifying the completeness and accurate, possibly on an unannounce regular surprise count, to confirm the property is properly handled and accounted for, especially CASH

of course based on one BSO deputy earning a half-million dollars or so in sick days, maybe this guy was just taking his sick day pay owed him out of petty cash in the vault

and finally this being south florida anyone having stolen only $125,ooo to $175,ooo still is well within the acceptable range of being HONEST,  it's one-million dollars and above whereby someone starts to become LESS THAN TRUSTWORTHY and over ten-million dollars whereby someone actually becomes DISHONEST and like rothstein at the billion-dollar level you get to own the whole BSO

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