Donald Trump Live-Tweeted the Oscars

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trump combover mcdipshits.jpg

While the GOPers are still clenching their buttholes over the fact that the First Lady of Socialist America appeared on the Oscars to announce the Best Picture winner, one of their champions was giving us his own special cultivated, erudite, distingue thoughts on the Academy Awards via The Twitter.

We are, of course, talking about Donald Trump, and his special ability to tweet his thoughts exactly like a 13-year-old girl.

Here now are The Donald's Eight Best Oscar Tweets of the night:

Trump oscars 1.jpg

Here we go! With the Oscars! I don't know how to start my live-tweeting! So I'll just start! Also, The Oscars!

Trump oscars 2.jpg

This opening is terrible! It has comedy, wit, dance numbers, singing, Captain Kirk, sock puppets, more comedy, more singing, more dancing. BUT NOT ONCE DID I SEE JAZZ HANDS. NOT ONCE.

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