Marco Rubio to Say a Whole Lotta Nothing Tonight

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What this birthday party needs is SMALLER balloons!

As we told you last week, Marco Rubio will be performing the GOP Feats! Of! Strength! as he delivers the State of the Union address response tonight.

And, in a shocking twist, he plans on painting President Obama as a Big Government Spender Who Is Just a Socialist Spending Guy Who Spends Big Agenda.

In other words, the same old talking points from a party that is still severely butthurt over all the beatings it's been taking.

The GOPers main drive is, as David Byrne once sang, same as if ever was... same as it ever was...

Rubio previewed his response for the Associated Press, saying basically that his party is all about creating jobs for middle-class families and pulling back the leash on all that nasty federal spending.

"We don't just want to be the opposition," Rubio said. "We want to be the alternative."

Rubio will reading from the tried and true American Principals and Values Handbook of Free Enterprise and Limited Government, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Bash the President No Matter What the Fuck He Says or Does.

"You're usually able to go as far as your talent and work will take you, and that's the direct product of free enterprise and limited government," Rubio said. "The president is basically asking us to abandon that. He's asking us to embrace the principles of more government, more government spending, more government control of our economy."

Government baaaad! *smashes podium*

That would kind of sort of be a nice alternative argument, if it were true.

HOWEVAHHH ... the Congressional Budget Office tells us that all that nasty, evil, no-good big government spending is down by more than $4.5 trillion over the 2013-2020 period from what it was expected to be back in 2010.

That means the deficit is closer to being stabilized than was projected. The deficit has shrunk by trillions of dollars thanks to ObamaKenya's presidency.

All this even with the GOPers repressing every decision the POTUS has made at every damned turn.

And, more important, spending cuts and "limited government" AIN'T WORK.

We're slowly but surely coming out of the giant-ass abyss that the Artist and his GOPer buddies put us in by showing that limited government means letting rich people do whatever the crap they want and going to war willy-nilly.

The fiscal cliff deal is working, and lowering spending as a means of fixing the economy is as effective as wishing upon a falling star for Kate Upton to be your girlfriend.

But Rubes and his limited government dry-humper pals will keep beating that drum tonight.

It'll be RIVETING.

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And so Rubio will suddenly be missing when the republicans look for someone new to run.  These idiotic rebuttals are great for grinding possible candidates to dust.  Something more interesting is they keep making the few minorities in the party do this, only to have them disappear.

frankd4 topcommenter

and here is a question local politician RUBIO cannot answer on a national stage:

IF we overspent in the past, wasn't some of it on CUBAN refugees who over the last fifty years were hosted by america largess, such as social and educational and subsidized programs ? yes many today ARE productive US taxpayers and / or loyal guests, many of whom may now be american citizens anyway........but what about what the US government expended, from those inception years on, to make the CUBAN exodus happen as an overall positive experience ?

should the wealthy FANJULs be made to pay a fair market price today for all the sugar cane land they were handed for free, given by the US government back in and from 1958 ?

what would have happened to these same people if the american government had NOT reached out a hand initially and offered a sactuary including an initial financial investment in these early CUBANs ?

frankd4 topcommenter

and for ALL these spendthrifts................where the heck were y'all when five (5) trillion dollars got flushed down iraQ ?

that's $5,ooo,ooo,ooo,ooo ! !

with that amount.......we could have insured all canadiens in canada and mexicans in mexico,  as well as all americans here with OBAMACARE = and gotten change back !

now everyone of these scrimpers and savers wants to cut education so a class of thirty plus has to share one book and fire every teacher, reduce to a minimum police and fire responders and gut food and welfare programs for the needy children and elderly poor

.............if only we hadn't pissed away all that money on shock and awe

frankd4 topcommenter

just another SHINY OBJECT the GOP so desperately needs to attract attention to itself

when will someone with some GRAVITAS instead of glitter or someone with WORLDY EXPERIENCE instead or wordy soundbites or REAL EXPERIENCE instead of scripted reality TV fake identities

what real SCHOLARSHIP or STATESMANSHIP has this guy contributed so far ?

not that the democrats are much better with weasels like little eddie edwards to drunks like most of the kennedy clan leadership but the GOP does appear to be a party led by angry olde horney men like mccain who gets hot over an air-head like palin and mitch mcconnell who has needed an enema since 1948

rubio is a cake being taken out of the oven too soon = totally raw and completely unready = and he will stumble and fall just like the past loonies the GOP has marched out on the national stage before they had anything to say

winsomelosesome topcommenter

Your lack of economics is astounding.  Been  spending too much time reading "head in the sand" Paul Krugman.  As I've said all along.  Obama does not give two shits about the economy.  He will pay whatever lip service he needs to to get the bothersome, pay off our debts, people who disagree with him and move on to his grandiose social change issues.  He doesn't have a grasp on it and really, HE JUST DOESN'T CARE. 

So tonight will be more of the same, "We need a balanced approach"  Just don't ask me what the hell I mean by that 'cept enough revenue to exceed my Govt. saves all spending plans. 

At least there's some good college basketball to watch.


And now with yet another tea bagger rebuttal!  

I wonder when these jokers will finally admit that President Obama is NOT the big spender they claim him to be.  Numbers do not lie, while spending is high he really has not spent much. 

riverrat69 topcommenter

@winsomelosesome Why don't you tell me why all the bagger nuts that claim to want smaller government, have all been collecting government checks their whole lives. Rubio is just another hypocrite on the government dole.  When wasn't he employed by the government? Rubio, the teabagging son of illegal immigrant parents. Another Repub hypocrite.

chrisjoseph13 writer

@winsomelosesome I cited the CBO's report, and you bring to the table is "Obama doesn't care" 

Well played.

And yet, all the evidence proves we're climbing out of the hole... despite every effort by your peeps to block President Lip Service.

Whatever makes ya feel better.


@winsomelosesome And yet President Obama has been trying to repair the economy after it was destroyed by republicans the entire time he has been in office, but keeps getting blocked by the same republicans since they just cant have him looking good.

Damn, this is lame, even for you.



Stimulus 3 is coming.   who and how will it be paid back?    

But , wouldn't medicare, medicaid, and social security restructuring actually fix our debt problems?  

he's in the best position right now to attack them.      why not now?


@riverrat69 @winsomelosesome actually most tea part (Taxed Enough Already), are newly elected  Republicans. 

Rubio is IMHO, more of a moderate R.    

afaik, TEA party is about less taxes, more individual freedom and less government.  

isn't that what this country was about?  

isn't  Obama, in favor of socialism?  (by any other word)

winsomelosesome topcommenter

I say I'm going to spend $100 of your money (that I've already spent so I'll just borrow it in your name from China). I only spend $70

Presto!  I've "saved" you $30.

Amazing. But whatever gets you through the day.............Go 'Canes!

riverrat69 topcommenter

@winsomelosesome This from winnoneandlosesomemore, the teabagger suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome. The party line..



Four more years of teabag tears.

winsomelosesome topcommenter

Waisting your time on riverrat69.  He's just another repeater of demo party lines and insults someone else said.  I haven't read a single post of his that began to forward a discussion. 

riverrat69 topcommenter

@joeMamma @riverrat69 @winsomelosesome  Rubio has been a politician ALL his life. A government employee. He's toned down his rhetoric now because he's trolling for votes. His butt buddy Asshole Allen West never toned down his frightwing rhetoric and it got him UNELECTED despite a massive influx of money. And West is another bagger that's collected government checks his whole life. Repub HYPOCRITES.

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