Marco Rubio and the Coffee Enema Couple Join Florida Tourism Board

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3. @_FloridaMan
There seems to be a theme developing here this week in the Power Rankings . . . hmmm . . . all these folks have really gone out of their way to give the state of Florida something to be proud of. This new Twitter account keeps a daily track record of Floriderp in all it's real-time manifestations.

2. University of Miami's Men's Basketball
This here is actually something a local can put their pride in. After being unranked at the beginning of college play, the Hurricanes have put together a perfect ACC record, including big wins over Duke, UNC and NC State. This week, the team received it's highest ranking ever in the AP's coaches poll -- #3.

1. Florida Supreme Court

Last year, a Broward County case begged the question whether judges and the lawyers should be allowed to be Facebook friends. An appeals court decided nope, that it's not in the best interest of the judiciary to be liking the status updates and dinner photo uploads of the very people they preside over. This week, the top court declined to step in on the question, leaving the lower court's decision in place. By staying out the mess, the court likely impacted many a friend count around the state.

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