Man Arrested for Drunk Driving Inside a Walmart

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A guy was arrested over the weekend for drunk driving.

Except that the vehicle he was drunk driving in was a motorized shopping cart. 

And the place he was drunk driving was inside a Walmart.

Because, you know, FLORIDA!

But hey, if there was ever an incentive for getting shitfaced before having to go shopping, it would be before going to a Walmart. 

Brooksville Police say Timothy Carr and his motorized shopping cart hit up his local Walmart on 7305 Broad St. around 9 p.m. Sunday.

Carr was riding around his cart while intoxicated when he rolled his way toward the beer section, grabbed a brew, and began drinking it as he rode around some more, according to police.

Carr rode around the store with his beer, knocking over displays and generally making the kind of mess a drunk dude riding a motorized shopping cart inside a megastore would make.

When he was stopped by police, Carr explained that he didn't have enough cash to pay for the beer, so swiping it and drinking it without paying for it seemed like the only logical solution to this conundrum.

Carr, who cops say is a transient, has had two previous arrests for retail theft, making this latest arrest a felony.

No word on if his previous thefts were also done on a motorized shopping cart, but he may want to think about getting a getaway vehicle that doesn't go 2 miles per hour.

Carr was charged with disorderly intoxication and felony retail theft.

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Wow!  Retail Theft for drinking one beer while leisurely driving through Walmart.  Corporate America has just struck a huge blow in their war for total control -- next comes the corporate sponsored law mandating state issued driver's licenses for those driving shopping carts in stores.  That will be followed by regulations to control the behavior of the shopping cart drivers, followed by a point system and threats of loss of shopping cart driving privileged.  In a year or so a new law will be quietly passed that mandates that all shopping carts be retro fitted with breathalyzers so drunk shoppers are forced to stumble through the stores.  Corporate America is winning the war -- soon we will be assessed a fee for the air we breath while in Walmart (uncharged when you spend $50. or more in the store, or are a member in good standing of the Walmart Gold Shoppers Club.  Who needs guns when the power has already been usurped? 


I say this dude wins awards.  He's a drunk with style and panache.

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