Mac Miller Finally Responds to Donald Trump

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So yesterday, we reported that Donald Trump was harassing rapper Mac Miller on Twitter over a song the artist recorded called "Donald Trump," which Trump actually liked but then got weird about it when the song went viral.

Trump send out a series of tweets calling Miller an ungrateful dog and threatening to sue.

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For his part, Miller remained off the grid while his own Twitter feed remained silent.

Until today.

Trump managed to send out two more tweets after our initial report, calling Miller a kiss-ass and then apparently making fun of Miller's lack of hair, which pretty much breaks the irony meter.

trump mac 4.JPG

trump mac 5.JPG

We waited with bated breath to see how Miller would respond.

And then, he finally tweeted.....

mac 1.JPG

Not long after asking his 3,357,862 followers where he could get some weed in Austria, Miller finally tweeted at Trump:

mac 2.JPG

Trump didn't respond to Miller's peace accord offer. But Trump tweets random shit at random times, so you never know.

For now, we're keeping with our theory that this whole thing is a publicity stunt.

Until then, we hope this weird-ass Twitter beef heats up.

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