Jim Greer, Former Florida GOP Chair, Pleads Guilty

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Former chairman of the Republican Party of Florida, Jim Greer, was headed to trial on fraud, theft and money laundering charges after allegations of big-time spending and shady behavior surfaced.

But, in a surprising twist, Greer has accepted a plead deal Monday morning and has pled guilty.

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The first charge -- fraud -- has been dropped, but Greer is pleading guilty to four counts of grand theft, with the charge of money laundering being reduced.

Greer, 50, was swaddled with allegations of hookers at a lavish GOP fundraiser in the Bahamas, going big on fancy restaurants and luxury hotels, and funneling a reported $200,000 of GOPer money to a company he had control of.

"I believe I've made decisions that aren't ethical, yes," he told New Times in an exclusive interview published late last month. "But making unethical decisions doesn't mean you're not an ethical person. Still, there were terrible mistakes."

Greer was vice mayor of a small central Florida town when then-Gov. Charlie Crist picked him to be the state party chairman in 2006. At the time, the selection came as a surprise. Greer was instrumental in getting Crist elected.

Greer was removed as party Charman when the allegations surfaced. He was arrested in June of 2010 after being indicted on six felony charges.

He was facing up to 75 years in prison before taking his plea bargain.

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frankd4 topcommenter

the problem really is the long term damage done on REAL missed opportunities for floridians by having a constant turnstile of crooks and clowns dominate our politics

from lee atwater in contemporary times one can draw the beginning of the corrosive and lasting damage to american future opportunity

we just sank five (5) trillion dollars into iraq and no one can tell me of anything good that will ever result

greer just gets added to the line of bachmanns and palins and cains as political hacks who were in it just for themselves = period

KennyPowersII topcommenter

Wonder how much the GOP paid Greer to take this deal? Write a book Jimmy.


And now that he has convictions under his belt, his next step will be to run for Florida governor.


Booo. That trial promised to be fun.

riverrat69 topcommenter

@KennyPowersII You didn't think the Tallahassee douchebags wanted their dirty laundry air ed out by one of their own, did you?

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