FAU Prof. James Tracy Finally Apologizes but Still Peddling Conspiracies

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Fun fact: James Tracy love LOVES reggae.
While James Tracy's two baby daughters vied for their father's attention on a recent morning outside of May Memorial Unitarian Church in Boca Raton, one of the country's most-hated professors thought for a moment.

"I'd say if given the chance, apology might be something I'd be interested in," said Tracy, who theorized two months ago whether the Sandy Hook shootings had occurred as the media had portrayed it -- or even at all.

But despite the sweeping condemnation and that his comments helped incite harassment of some parents of Sandy Hook victims, he expressed recalcitrance. He's convinced that at some level, he's right. Something strange happened in the coverage of Sandy Hook. The government, the media, the corporations -- they planned something. Though he's not sure what.

What's more, he said, it's odd that if his musings had so seriously affected any of the parents -- why hadn't they lashed out at him? Why hasn't he received any angry phone calls? If he were one of the parents, he said, he would have been screaming.

"Strange," Tracy said. Then let the thought drop.

A lot of things strike Tracy as strange. Most of the mass shootings have seemed odd, as well as the killing of Osama Bin Laden and the Greek debt crisis. He doesn't know who's pulling the strings -- but he says someone definitely is.

"I've written about a variety of very controversial stances," he said. "I like to get people to think. That's why I have the profession that I have, and that's what I do as a scholar."

Then he quickly clarifies. His blog, memoryholeblog.com, isn't a place of academic work exactly. It's his personal thoughts -- though they're amplified by his scholarly work and oftentimes construed as scholarly work.

And as for his real research? Tracy has published an underwhelming 15 articles in his ten years at FAU -- on topics ranging from reggae music to librarians. None of these articles rises to his blog's level of controversy or bombast. That's because academia requires proof -- something Tracy never has, nor wants to get.

"It's more important to ask questions sometimes than to provide answers," he said, later saying he would never want to be a reporter because that would ground his thoughts in what he could prove or disprove. Tracy's not interested in truth. He's interested in conspiracy.

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I think this man is right to question authority. The Sandy Hook massacre has something unreal about it. But I imagine it likely is on the up and up, the MSM and the Govt, but they have violated our trust so repeatedly I am not at all upset this man also wondered if this adds up. Many alternate interpretations of history have ultimately been vindicated. The Warren commision for the JFK assasination were definetely hiding something. In Vietnam the gulf of tonkin was done by us (we attacked ourselves), this makes one wonder about the USS Maine being blown up, precipitating the Spanish American War, we nuked the Japanese knowing they were allready defeated to make a point to the Russians (watch episode 3 untold history of US "The Bomb"), Reagan probably negotiatied with Iran to delay the release of the American Hostages until after he won the election (October Surprise), The WH keeps saying we saved 10's of thousands of lives when we intervened in Benghazi, some even saying 100's of 1000's the usual hypothetical massacre propaganda excuse behind every war of aggression (Hitler invaded Poland to protect the germans in Poland, etc).. The media doesnt realize for a lot of people - with extraordinary claims we require extraordinary evidence. A 23 year old man gunning down 20 something 6 year olds is an  almost unbelievable horror. People need to be presented with solid evidence. I am tired of people with unpopular views on matters being harrased and bullied. Maybe thats why the parents didnt call hin. Because they understand the horrific nature of this event - could cause many to say "prove this happened - this is unbelievable".


Why apologize for doing the job that the mainstream media and police refuse to do?


Quit feeding this troll's ego by giving him ink or air time. Let his whining for attention go unnoticed.


Quit giving this troll ink or air time. Quit feeding his ego. Let him whine for attention to no avail.

frankd4 topcommenter

well at $35,ooo per year tuition those kids at FAU are really getting their money's worth of education

frankd4 topcommenter

i think he absolutely went too far saying the government has "filthy knees"

except for a raggedy beard, uncle sam kept himself up rather well for a 225 year old

smdrpepper topcommenter

Its time for all these conspiracy nuts to fade back into the woodwork.  All they manage to do is spread ignorance and hatred, none of which we need in this country now. if ever.

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