Rick Scott and Joe Abruzzo Challenge the NCAA to Arm Wrestling Match

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3. Rico Petrocelli. Or is the true test of manhood when you realize it's time to get out while you're down . . . and pursue a life's dream of being a private detective?

2. The anti- Patricia Atkins-Grad Alliance. Things are getting even stranger out in Tamarac, where gaggle of community activists have been working Atkins-Grad out of her commissioner's seat following a corruption trial. With the pressure pouring in, she's gotten even more prickly on defense, unrolling some weird antics in public meetings and throwing the dreaded, deadly "B" word at a colleague. (Okay, it was "bitch." There we said it).

1. Pit bulls. Cause you know you just want to look at cut puppy photos anyway.

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Me thinks that for the stupidity that this governor has shown while in office he should be held upright and repeatedly kicked in the balls!

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