Rick Scott and Joe Abruzzo Challenge the NCAA to Arm Wrestling Match

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The local personalities, egos, and public figures who swung through the news cycle this week, ranked by New Times' crack research department using a highly scientific algorithm (i.e. picnic, lightening.)

5. State Senator Joe Abruzzo. Whether he did it as some chest-bumpy PR move or because he's truly pissed about how the NCAA is treating University of Miami, Abruzzo is making some noise. In a letter addressed to AG Pam Bondi, the state senator asked for an investigation into the collegiate sports association's activities.

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4. Rick Scott.
It takes a bold man to stand up for his principals. It takes an even bolder one to take such a dramatic one-eighty in the public eye. A bold man, or a big douche.

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Me thinks that for the stupidity that this governor has shown while in office he should be held upright and repeatedly kicked in the balls!

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