Dan Marino, Rick Scott, and Donald Trump Perform a Dramatic Reading of New Times' Biogensis Story

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If there was justice in this world, this would be the son Donald Trump has earned.
3. Mac Miller
Let's say you wake up one day and realize that the white rapper schtick you've been peddling hard is actually passe. Likely, you're on a one-way track to a dust-bin with all the other wannabe Marshals. But Pittsburgh rapper Mac Miller may have saved himself thanks to a high-profile beef. It seems Donald Trump -- a man well-versed when it comes to performing constant CPR on a public persona -- has taken offense to the rapper's tune name-checking the West Palm moneyman. Cut the royalty check, Donald tells Miller via Twitter. We'll see how much these fame whores can milk each other.

2. Marco Rubio
Slow clap for the senator from Florida. As Congress beings to dig in for a probable showdown on immigration reform, Rubio has actually joined the proactive ranks among the Senate fronting a bipartisan solution. But what's really landed him on this list is Rubio's willingness to grease the bill through the thicket of Tea Party idiocy. The GOP Boy Wonder pitched both Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh on the proposal, and both seemed to approve.

1. New Times
Shameless self-promotion? Absolutely. But unless you were in outer orbit all week, you probably know the biggest news story in the country recently stemmed from our latest cover story. Managing Editor Tim Elfrink's three-month Sherlocking of a local aging clinic turned up evidence that A-List MLB talent were riding the dope train, including the tip-frosted man of leisure above.

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