Chris Bosh's New Commercial Is Rather Hilarious

Bosh commercial.JPG

Chris Bosh is a beloved figure 'round these parts. He's a half-man, half-dinosaur, he has a silky smooth jumpshot, and he's the greatest photobomber in the history of the NBA.

Now he's looking to endear himself with us even more with his latest commercial (costarring Ray Allen!), in which he wrangles up a bunch of random kids so he can buy more shit at Kids Footlocker.

(check out the commercial after the jump)

Bosh's dry delivery is hilarious. 

And the names he gives the kids -- Tick Tock, Porkchop, Sizzle, and Rick Springfield -- are pretty much exactly what you would expect Bosh to name children.

Makes us want Pappa B to adopt us so we can roll tape around Ray Allen's head and name ourselves Ray Allen too.

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winsomelosesome topcommenter

Have you seen the Dikembe Mutombo commercial?  It's lame to write it like this but I actually  LOL.

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