Charlie Crist's Wife, Carole Crist: Deadbeat Mom? Crist Loses Custody of Her Children

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Todd Rome and Carole Crist before they divorced several years ago.
Following an apparent "change of circumstances," a New York County judge awarded temporary full custody of Carole Crist's two teenaged daughters earlier this month to her ex-husband, Todd Rome, who alleges Florida's former first lady has abandoned and ignored her daughters for more than two years. 

The judgment, which Rome read aloud over the telephone to New Times -- but declined to release -- overturned the parents' joint custody and follows two years in which Carole Crist hasn't returned phone calls, text messages, letters, or any communication of any kind with her children, said Rome's attorney, Mark Heller. 

"It's shocking and very disturbing because these two girls are at a fragile point in their lives, and as important as a father is, a mother is very important," he said. "And [Crist] has been completely absent from their lives."

The decision, signed by family court Judge Gloria Sosa-Lintner on February 1, isn't a public record and couldn't be independently verified.

Rome, CEO of Blue Star Jets in Manhattan, said Crist's indifference toward their children has traumatized both of his teenaged daughters. But only recently has it impacted their education, driving Rome, he said, to file a motion in state court requesting full custody.

Rome said his younger daughter, who attends boarding school several hours outside Manhattan, was recently suspended and left mired on Rome's couch for days waiting for Carole Crist to return the required paperwork, acknowledging the disciplinary measure. But Crist never did.

"The original divorce agreement granted joint custody," Heller said. "But she hasn't seen them in two years, and the children's needs haven't been met. She won't answer calls. Her lawyers won't answer calls. And we had no choice but to go to family court."

Heller said if Crist declines to respond to the court's decision, permanent custody may be soon delivered to Rome.

This isn't the first time Rome has filed litigation against Carole Crist, expressing dissatisfaction with her parenting. In 2011, Rome sued Crist alleging child abandonment. She hadn't paid any child support, he said. State Supreme Court Justice Matthew Cooper, however, said Crist wasn't under any obligation to finance her children financially -- or emotionally.

"I also can't make her visit her children," the New York Post reported Cooper saying at trial.

Rome said he's considering filing another lawsuit against Crist, who didn't return phone calls for comment, unless she becomes more responsive. "This may appear like I'm vindictive " he said. "But that's not my thing. Raising two kids by myself is not easy. You can't imagine the ins and outs of raising two teenaged girls without a mother. And one of my girls keeps getting into problems because of neglect from her mother."

Crist's attorney didn't return telephone calls Thursday.

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Oh dear lord you people are rubes.I can only hope you're just Charlie Crist apologists.  Did it ever occur to you that this woman is BPD? You do of course realize that raging narcissists are often successful business people? She tires of 6 homes and an opulent life in the NY area, relocates to FL, and promptly marries a rising pol. Why? Have you considered that it's the only place "up" for an extremely wealthy narcissist socialite to go? She "better deal-ed" her family to hitch her wagon to a rising star and a shot at the whitehouse. "Persecution", "can't verify", BS! A state supreme court justice is quoted above. Perhaps you leapt to her defense prematurely last Feb. If any of this wasn't factual, one of the most rich and powerful women in FL would have gone nuclear with litigation. She aparrently wasn't even aware she lost the kids for over a month! That one involved baby momma.

Turn off Oprah and wise up, this woman's big fake cans (yep they're balloons) are just the tip of the iceberg of her vanity. I feel sorry for Charlie Crist, I really do. If he does not take the Gov in '14, or the whitehouse shortly thereafter, she is going abandon him for greener pastures, just like she did her family. I *guarantee* it. I will check back on this post occasionally with updates...


There are ex spouses who portray themselves as victims but use the legal system to abuse their exes.  A persecution campaign is when someone stalks and slanders someone out of their own hateful agenda.  Read the book Walking on Eggshells and check out the  final chapters.  BPD is very real and it sounds like Todd is out to alienate his daughters from their mom and make her look bad.  Sounds like a professional evaluation of the situation would be helpful.  I would get the kids in counseling.  Teenage daughters have difficulty with identity and separation from their mothers.  The father exploiting this fragile situation will cause the daughters ongoing problems if it is not stopped.  He needs to stop hurting the girl's mom.  Forgive and move on.


Disappointed with his trophy wife ? Too much, that one wasn't built to be a home maker. Stop trying to turn her into one ?


This is not public information, you can't verify it and you're reporting what the ex-husband is supposedly reading over the phone and what his attorney is saying. Nice reporting work.


@j.pollo Persecution campaign.  Read Walking on Eggshells.  My ex did this to me for years.  I finally took a severance package to get enough money to fight back legally.  I won sole legal and physical custody.  Todd is a bully and may have mental illness.

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