Andre "Loki" Barbosa, Boca Raton Squatter: An Exclusive Look Inside the Mansion

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Loki: The Nordic God of Freeloaders

We've been telling you about Andre "Loki" Barbosa, the 23-year-old Brazilian squatter who moved into a $2.5 million Boca mansion via the vague "adverse possession" Florida property law.

As we reported, Loki has issues with Bank of America, which served an eviction notice last week.

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Barbosa has been elusive, even going so far as texting New Times to stop interviewing his friends and to let him live in peace in a mansion that isn't his.

But now comes the news that local CBS affiliate, CBS12, was able to get a video camera inside the house.

Intrepid CBS12 reporter Josh Repp was able to do what neighbors can't and cops won't -- namely walk through the door of the mansion located on 580 Golden Harbour Drive.

For his part, Barbosa remains slippery as Repp wasn't able to capture him on video.

What the video does show is the inside of the mansion and two apparently Arabic women who are living inside it with Barbosa.

The two women are shown speaking Arabic to each other with a Tunisian accent. According to CBS12's translation, they shout "hide yourself" to each other as Repp approaches them with a camera. They also cover their faces and walk around frantically, trying to avoid the camera.

According to CBS12, the two women left in a vehicle later that night.

Unfortunately, Barbosa is nowhere to be found in the short time Repp was able to be inside the house (the women eventually forced him out).

So "Loki" remains in the house without any sign of leaving or any sign as to why he refuses to leave other than it's a giant empty mansion and Hey! Giant empty mansion, bro!

And yes, his nickname is the same as Thor's brother from Nordic mythology (or Marvel Comics -- whichever you might think is more applicable).

Loki is the god of mischief and chaos. Also the god of living inside million-dollar mansions that don't belong to him, apparently.

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ROTHSTEIN received 52 yrs fed.prison! A Lawyer.A low I.Q.Lawyer. 

frankd4 topcommenter

well considering ROTHSTEIN moved into HARBOR BEACH estates practically the same way (only ROTHSTEIN had water and electric hooked-up) it only proves = we are ALL just visiting here


I'm telling you... He's got the look as a shoe-in for a Kiss midget cover band... Plus to boot, foreign sounding groupie babes.

Question: What's the procedure for one set of interlopers (Lupi and his gal pals) throwing out another interloper (the press) for a residence none own?

Finally, anybody checking out a possible Al Qaeda link here? I say time to send in Seal Team 6. H&K MP5 vs. Lupi's Hammer of Thor.

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