What Does Rick Ross Do Now? Five Suggestions For The Bawse

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rick ross tweet.jpg
4. Impromptu Tweeting
He hasn't tweeted about the shooting yet. But he will. The Bawse will return to social media and deliver all detractors their comeuppance in intermittent bursts of 140-character manifestos.

The last time he tweeted, he was profound as usual.

Before that, he hit his 2 million+ with this:

5. Help Out Barack Obama?
Okay, so this one isn't going to happen. But wouldn't it be great if it did?

The president needs all the help he can get in banning assault rifles. Will Rick Ross rise to the call? If anyone can attest to the tragedy of America's gun addiction, it's now Ross. Dude was shot at!

But such a move would change Ross's career drastically. Somehow, rhyming about AKs and slugs has a certain sonorous appeal to it, whereas dropping tracks about passing Senate Bill 280 does not.

Unless of course Joe Biden was hired into the entourage.

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frankd4 topcommenter

well since LAS OLAS is too heavy for the dude maybe he can move to PALM BEACH where he would be the only BLACK guy since even the  maintenance crews are all hispanic and the last time anything gansta happened was when MARLA MAPLES faked an attack on the beach behind the church theDONALD was married in

seems this dude wouldn't last ten seconds in the REAL HOOD

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