What Does Rick Ross Do Now? Five Suggestions For The Bawse

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2. Widen The Entourage; Hire More Fungibles
If there's one thing Rick Ross doesn't have enough of, it's hanger-ons. He needs to broaden his payroll and get more security detail. But they must be people he can trust. So the Bawse will likely tap several untalented but needy childhood pals who have accomplished nothing in life thus far except for randomly knowing Rick Ross.

Likely, his new possy members will have names like Que and Turtle, and they will be paid large sums of money to help the rap star accomplish his next recourse of action.

smoking weed.jpg
3. Smoke Weed

Nothing relaxes one's getting-shot-at nerves like a giant blunt. And if there's anything Ross will turn to, it's large quantities of marijuana. Haters gonna hate. Let 'em.

Be chill, Ross will think. Roll one. And then tweet about it.

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frankd4 topcommenter

well since LAS OLAS is too heavy for the dude maybe he can move to PALM BEACH where he would be the only BLACK guy since even the  maintenance crews are all hispanic and the last time anything gansta happened was when MARLA MAPLES faked an attack on the beach behind the church theDONALD was married in

seems this dude wouldn't last ten seconds in the REAL HOOD

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