West Palm Beach Police Caught on Video Punching Man With Taser and Kicking Him in the Head

WPB Police taser.JPG

A bystander with a camera phone captured West Palm Beach Police kicking a man in the head and punching him with what appears to be a Taser gun in Clematis, the downtown district of West Palm Beach, in the early-morning hours of Sunday, December 12.

The video shows a young man being forced to lie on the ground as officers try to arrest him.

At one point, one of the officers shoves away a bystander and then kicks the man being arrested in the head.

Two officers then subdue the man, with one forcibly holding him down and the other repeatedly punching him with what appears to be a Taser gun.

(Video after the jump.)

The incident, which occurred around 3:50 on the morning of December 9, was captured on video by a bystander and sent to New Times on the condition of anonymity.

"West Palm Beach police and sheriff are a gang of thugs," the videographer tells New Times. "I don't want to be on the other side of their yeehaw justice or it might be me getting kicked in the head or beaten with a Taser one day."

According to the videographer, the incident happened so quickly, it was unclear why the man, who remains unidentified, was arrested.

"I saw two young men chasing each other and thought they were goofing off," he tells New Times. "But at the velocity one of them was running, it looked like he was being chased. They were headed towards the hookah club where I knew cops were already posted out front."

As soon as he heard the commotion, the videographer took out his phone and began shooting.

"I cant even tell you if the kid being beaten by the cops was even involved with the fight," he says.

"For all I know, he could have just been a bystander. I'm not sure who the original aggressor was, but I knew something was definitely wrong when I saw the cops start beating someone. I hope videos like this make the West Palm Beach Police question how they act in public."

Several attempts for a comment from the West Palm Beach Police Department regarding the incident have remained unanswered.

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just wait until you see the fake police reports to satisfy the police needs on this one


and these are the people that the knee-jerks would have be the only people allowed to own guns...???????  Government is ALWAYS the enemy. The bigger the govt., the bigger the enemy....


PBSO and West Palm Beach police are a bunch of thugs who were bullies in their high school and now they have a uniform and roid rage. If the idiots do this in front of a dozen witnesses,. imagine what they do without anyone around! I'LL TELL YOU,. BECAUSE I WAS ONE OF THEM THAT GOT BEAT BY PBSO!! They beat the hell out of me then jailed me on false charges THEN WHEN THEY REALIZED THEY WERE WRONG, THEY TRIED TO GET ME TO FILE A LAWSUIT AGAINST THEM WHILE INCARCERATED but I refused. So finally they had to drop the felony 1 bogus charge to a 3rd degree misdemeanor on my court day,. my public pretender was working with them and gave me NO GUIDANCE or I would have never plead out. I would have BURNED THEM. And when I got out,. I found out that in the release papers,. was a form they snuck in releasing them of all damages and wrong doing!! THEY ARE AS CROOKED AS ANY ORGANIZED CRIME GANG!!! I have since grown up and I DARE them fuckers to come at me again. I KNOW BETTER NOW! BASTARDS!

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