Teacher Allegedly Offered Cop Blowjob to Get Out of DUI Arrest

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Mary Patricia Maloney, a seventh-grade science teacher at Palm Springs Middle School, was pulled over on Sunday after she hit another car and fled. The officer initially charged her with DUI, since she was not only allegedly driving drunk but crashed into another vehicle before fleeing the scene.

Maloney tried to talk her way out of trouble.

By allegedly offering to let the cop grope her boobs.

When that didn't work, Maloney brought the hard sell and allegedly offered him a blowjob.

But no dice.

She was arrested by Greenacres police and is facing six charges, including hit and run, knowingly driving with a suspended or revoked license, and two counts of bribery.

Maloney, 53, who has a prior DUI conviction from 2009, was driving while knowing her license was under suspension, police say.

In the arrest report, the officer wrote: "I noticed that her eyes were bloodshot, glassy, and only partially open."

When the officer told Maloney she was under arrest, she said, "How much do I need to pay you to just let me go?" according to the arrest report. "Don't you understand I am a school teacher?"

So she at least offered him some cash and then pulled the "I'm a teacher" card before offering him the chance to feel her up and then a blowie.

A spokesperson for the School District of Palm Beach County said Maloney could lose her job.

"These are very serious charges and could subject the employee to discipline of suspension or termination," the spokesperson said.

Maloney will apparently be referred to the school district's Employee Assistance Program before a decision is made.

Based on the outcome of that referral, a decision on Maloney's job status will be made, pending the outcome of her case.

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lol, she's truly addicted to the science of denial and self discovery.


Mary Patricia Maloney~  Gee that worked for Jen Jen and she got her own school....

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