Stripper Arrested for Causing Scene on A1A, Spitting on Man's Face; She Called it Performance Art

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Arlene Mena was yelling at no one in particular while meandering about on the street outside her A1A condo building along the 1800 block of S. Ocean Drive, in a tank top, cutoff jeans, and knee-high boots, about 10:45 a.m. Wednesday.

One witness says she looked like she was trying to direct traffic. When a motorist tried to get her off the road, she allegedly picked up a traffic cone and flung it at the car, breaking its side mirror. And then she reportedly spat in the man's face.

She was eventually restrained by the motorist and another man, when she began to give them her reasons why she was doing what she was doing:

1. It was performance art.
2. It was for a reality TV show.
3. She is a federal agent.
4. She is friends with the mayor.
5. She is a stripper and all this was prep work.

All perfectly good and legitimate reasons for wandering into the street half-naked, breaking other people's stuff, and spitting on them.

Mena, 25, appeared before Broward Judge John "Jay" Hurley during bond court on Thursday and explained that she had just been hired as a stripper and that the incident was just a big misunderstanding.

"With all due respect," she told the judge. "I was just trying to do some artwork and the guy misunderstood. I was walking in my boots, and I hurt my leg."

"Ma'am, I am getting a visual that I don't think is appropriate right now," the judge inexplicably replied.

He then added, "I suggest not wearing boots and doing artwork in the middle of a roadway. I would start right there and everything will start looking up for you."

Sound advice.

During the scuffle with the two witnesses, Mena began to explain that the incident was part of a television show and that it was being caught on camera. She then claimed to be friends with Hallandale Beach Mayor Joy Cooper, but not before telling the men she was actually a federal agent.

The two witnesses who subdued her said that Mena appeared... wait for it...


Judge Hurley ordered a $1,000 bond for Mena, on charges of battery and criminal mischief.

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frankd4 topcommenter

well then maybe the production company has insurance that covers the damages

and who among us would want to be reminded of dumb things we did at 25 years old


Looking at the way she purses her lips (ya know kinda like Obama) I bet she can really hock a loogy!


Tell me HOW the fact that she was a stripper was relevant enough to make it into the title? And in every other line in the page? Would you have mentioned if she worked at the BK over there? Ha.

And then familiarize yourself with reality. A tank top, cutoff jeans, and boots that reach the end of aforementioned jeans is not considered half naked. Its considered not being mormon. Double standards..


If I had a nickel every time I get accused of being "drunk" while doing my performance art in cut off jean shorts on A1A.....communists.

chrisjoseph13 writer

@fluxandflowww Because part of her own defense was that she, uh, IS A STRIPPER.

Also, in hindsight, maybe "jorts" would've been a better way to describe her attire, so you got us there... but then you'd probably argue the merits of calling "cut off jeans" "jorts."

Double standards and such. 


@chrisjoseph13 , I dont argue. I debate, or talk to fruition or I dont bother at all. In the occasion it happens, I wouldnt argue something as petty as wording, though Im sure youd love to. And I know the type of pants youre talking about. She still wasnt half naked. You only said that cause shes a stripper and to support your biased blog post. Theres no "us" that I was trying to correct. Simply an apparent dumbass wise-ass.

And no.. youre clearly mocking the fact that shes a stripper.. thus you not making a dumbass wiseass title such as "Joy SoandSo's Stripper turned Reality Star BFF arrested for performing art."

Just admit youre a lopsided cunt and Ill be stoked. How do I unsubscribe from this fuckery? Im not getting my point across and no one reads this anyway. Besides me somehow.

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