Scott Israel's Lousy Start: Stop the Fire Department Purge

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New Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel whacked Fire Chief and Executive Director Neil de Jesus and two other top fire guys, Division Chief Robert Arrighetti, and Division Chief John Holgerson, who was in charge of fire and rescue training.


Nothing against new chief and Margate vet Anthony Stravino, but this massive a change at the department -- where Israel has little experience -- stinks. It smells of poor leadership -- an ugly portent for the years ahead.

It means too much for the new guy to handle. Bitterness is expected -- particularly in a massive upset like the one that occurred in the Sheriff's Department, but whacking so many at the top is likely to mean real concrete problems for taxpayers and citizens for months to come while the new guys get used to their jobs. In the case of a poorly run fire department, this can mean real death and destruction.

Listen up, Commissioner Tim Ryan John Rodstrom. Broward commissioners should step in. Obviously, the sheriff runs his own department, but commissioners can and should -- behind the scenes or publicly --  chastize Israel for trying to move too far too fast.

Clean up the Sheriff's Department. People have rightly claimed for months that it is a mess of corruption and deep problems. But finish that job and start another, please.

This is no way to start a new era at BSO.

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Note from El Jefe: My bad. Rodstrom has indeed retired. I changed this.


Hey Chuck Strouse - NEWSFLASH: John Rodstrom retired and was replaced by Tim Ryan. Are you merely ignorant, or totally fucking stupid?


Let's address the author's comments first. There are roughly 6,000 people who work at BSO. It's the largest police organization in America. It however under Lamberti ranks 97th in the nation. That is quite poor. Needless to say, Sheriff Israel has work to do and it must start by placing the best people possible in critical positions. Scott Israel has for the most part picked veteran officers and administrators from top organizations like the Fort Lauderdale Police. Articles like this that criticize the new sheriff before
he's even been sworn in demonstrate that the outgoing sheriff has a few friends and certain authors have no shame. Al Lamberti was crooked from the first day he entered office and will remain so until 6 days from now when Scott Israel is sworn in. Those that would write articles to chastise him before he's even performed an official act have a hidden agenda and it is not in the best interest of Broward County.


Why would you expect anything different from this hack? He was a Republican when he applied for the vacant Sheriff's job and only switched parties after being passed over by the Governor. He attacked Lamberti for being a Republican, despite his own long history of being a Republican. At least Lamberti was honest about who he was.


Over 50% of the taxes go to the Sheriff Dept.  

and when you elect a new chief, all the top guys get fired.

-why is this an elected Official?  not appointed?  -that would solve a lot of this mess.

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