Rick Scott's Best Political Miscalculations

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2. Championing Early Voting
Hey, remember that time South Florida became the laughing stock of the nation in the midst of a presidential election? OK, there were a lot of times, but most recently Florida elicited jokes from around the country for voting lines with hundreds of people waiting hours on end to try to cast their ballot. Even the reliably conservative Drudge Report called out Scott for cutting early voting from 14 to eight days in 2011 and now calling for the largest amount of early voting in the state's history. Perhaps the lines at the polls won't be as long in 2014, but Scott's hoping your memory is short.

1. The 7-7-7 Campaign
What kind of egomaniacal sociopath runs for a four-year term with promises and programs that would last seven? Scott ran on a platform of creating 700,000 jobs in the state over seven years through cutting taxes and regulation. After becoming governor and learning things don't run quite as smoothly in the healthcare industry, even with a Justice Department investigation, Scott is now backpedaling, promising only 700,000 jobs total as opposed to those jobs on top of what economists had initially predicted. Late last year he tried to silence a Bloomberg reporter who argued Florida's falling unemployment rate was due to people dropping out of the workforce and not job creation.

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is that average  $46,000  for 52 weeks of work?  or the normal school year?  

I'm googling average school year, and see 180 days as average.  /5 = 36 weeks. so if 46,000/36 weeks would be a nice sum... on a days worked basis.  (66k/yr or 31.60/hr)

btw, (Obama wants to increase that to 197)

How did you calculate the average pay?  how many weeks of work?


On Wednesday Scott announced he's planning to give every public school teacher in Florida - good, bad or indifferent, a $2,500 raise.

So lets see what we have here.

The avg teach makes $46,000 p/r according to the newspaper

$46000 plus $2500 = $48500

$48500 minus 3% for the old pension pay in =$47045 p/yr 

$47045 minus the original $46000 (avg teacher pay) = $1045 as a raise

From this enormous raise has to come the payroll tax @ 6.2% and federal income tax in about the 25% tax bracket

Bottom line is that this bug eyed fhuck needs to shoveth the raise up his skinny ass and give us back the pension money!  Any married couples having children better drop them right off at the fire department (no questions asked) upon birth because they won't be able to support them!


Ok, the rest of the story is good.  spot on.  but the high speed rail was foolish and expensive.  it would have cost everyone a ton of money to run it.  


4. Rejecting more than $2 billion for high-speed rail
Scott told Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood to stuff $2.4 billion for a high-speed rail line connecting Tampa and Orlando right where the sun don't shine. Sure it wouldn't have posed any immediate benefit to South Florida, but the plan would've created thousands of jobs and lay the groundwork to connect the state's major population centers. Republican lawmakers rebuked the move and even former Gov. Jeb Bush was scratching his head.

this would have cost us millions a year for EVAR...  and who would really use it?  

--- is there really a problem driving from orlando to tampa, (or orlando to miam) for that matter.  -no.  the problem is from suburbs to downtown, and downtown to downtown (wpb to miami).  

I've yet to hear any justify this link....  what would it cost to ride, park, and how much time would you save?  even miami to Orlando, just didn't make sense.  

frankd4 topcommenter

i don't know why POLITICIANs, any of them, should be held to any standard of common decency

one gets elected by pandering to wealthy donors whose money is necessary to run a campaign and lying to the masses whose votes are necessary to win the election

why think a POLITICIAN is in for anything but ego or anyone but themselves ?

riverrat69 topcommenter

Full of shit, hypocritical,  and trolling for votes I hope the criminal Medicare ripoff artist never gets. This is truely Flori-DUH if this douchebag gets re-elected.

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