Rick Ross: Were the Gangster Disciples Involved in the Shooting?

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The information swirling around about the Rick Ross shooting right now is fat on rumor, light on facts. But among the speculation passing from mouth to mouth is that the gunfire directed at the rap mogul was connected to his well-publicized beef with the Gangster Disciples, a Chicago-based gangbanger outfit with branches across the country.

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To recap, things soured between the Bawse and the GD after Ross began using their gang signs and iconography, not to mention referencing the gang's founder, Larry Hoover, in one of his tunes. The gang issued a number of videos basically declaring a fatwa on the Teflon Don -- either Bawse pays a fine for co-opting the gang's symbolism or else.

Last November, as this all started heating up, GD chapters in North Carolina, Alabama, and Georgia all began posting videos online threatening the Bawse. Ross responded by canceling a six-date swing through the Southeast. The Bawse's people maintained the cancellation was due to bad promotion, not any threats. But still, if you check out the videos, shit seems serious enough.

A Florida chapter of the GD also seems to have posted a November 11 video threatening Ross. In this clip below, you can see them wearing "MBK" shirts, which allegedly stand for "Mayback Killers" -- a reference to Bawse's label.

Now, this is where we start drifting into some factually contested ground. When all this first started going off in December, numerous media outlets reported that the Chicago Police Department had opened an investigation into the threats.

This week, New Times reached out to the department about that investigation only to learn that the CPD never had an investigation into the GD and Ross.

"The media reports were erroneous and no police source was attributed regarding an investigation being conducted here," Lt. Maureen Biggane, a commander with the Chicago Police News Affairs, wrote in an email.

Also, this week a guy with the Atlanta GD named KK gave an interview with ForbezDVD.com claiming the group had nothing to do with the Fort Lauderdale attempt.

How legit is all this? Could the shooting have been done from some breakout GD group? Or some affiliate? Or even the result of some other problem Ross had in the street? Fort Lauderdale police are still tight-lipped about the investigation.

"We're treating this as an isolated incident that happened in our city, and we're following up on all leads," the FLPD'S DeAnna Garcia told New Times on Tuesday. Garcia also said she had no information at the time on a GD connection to Sunday's incident.

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frankd4 topcommenter

with 15 or 18 shots fired and NONE of them hitting either the car or the passengers WHO would claim a connection to being so IMPOTENT as a hit man ?

meanwhile EDNAs SOUL FOOD on broward had its windows boarded up and isn't answering their phone (954) 584-6655 in another hood related traumatic event BUT since it ain't on las olas and is REAL gangsta you won't find any reporting on it = no reporters want to go into the guts of the REAL beast

no one cares about the REAL HOODs troubles anyway

only the fake sensationalized dramas make the news

frankd4 topcommenter

keepin it real ?

for one thing, doesn't being REAL mean you have and use a REAL NAME ? and how about a REAL background and history that is true and verifiable and is the SAME thing as what you say you did and were ? and how about the REAL lyrics about the gagsta life ?......wasn't this guy a REAL corrections officers ?

and lastly what about a REAL message that the whole game is a hoax by very fat black dudes so that young white girls continue buying the largest slice of rap music releases yet black kids think the music is for them ?

i know it's all just entertainment and fortunes rise and fall on a single song yet don't the BLACK performers owe the TRUTH to their young constituents from the hood about their lying ? and what's this big time nasty rapper dude doin on LAS OLAS ?.......looking for yogart or gelato ?

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