Deerfield Beach Pastor Anthony Davis Ordered to Pay $50,000 Fine for Overbilling Feds

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There are plenty of passages in the Bible that tell us not to lie, but they don't say jack about fudging invoices or grant applications! On December 21, a Deerfield Beach pastor, Anthony Davis, was hit with $50,000 in civil fines for having overbilled the government.

Davis' organization, Brotherly Love Social Services, ran a mentoring program for at-risk youth at Deerfield Beach elementary, middle, and high schools. Funds for the program came from the Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant program, which is the primary provider of criminal justice funding to state and local jurisdictions.

An audit revealed that "Brotherly Love Parties falsely billed per session based on 45 minutes of service rather than 60 minutes of service, falsely billed group session rates for sessions when only one student was provided service, and either overbilled or billed without the necessary supporting documentation certain amounts outside the scope of the grant." Still, Davis probably got off easy; the Department of Justice's Office of the Inspector General scrutinized only $250,000 of funding, all from 2010. Davis has claimed nearly $1.1 million in revenue since 2006.

The United Way of Broward County Commission on Substance Abuse is the agency that helped administer the grant locally. Asked for comment about Davis, United Way of Broward County CEO Kathleen Cannon wrote, "We are just as interested as you are. We are awaiting final disposition from authorities."

Other groups that have funded Brotherly Love in the past, including the Community Foundation of Broward County, hinted that they will cut funding to the organization.

This isn't the first time Davis has graced our pages. In 2011, when he was running for City Commission (he placed second), we told you how Davis filed a claim for public assistance, ultimately receiving $13,657 for residential bathroom improvements that would help his disabled daughter. Problem was, those public funds are supposed to be allotted to low-income families; Davis and his wife made more than $46,000 combined and thus were technically of "moderate" income. That alone should have disqualified the Davises from the grant money, but  furthermore, on his grant application, Davis failed to disclose his ownership of multiple properties.

After I personally tipped off authorities about rampant corruption in Deerfield Beach, a forensic auditor, Kessler International, was eventually hired by the city to investigate. The firm attempted to determine whether Davis committed fraud and whether city employee Stephanie McMillian, the woman who approved the grant money and was also on the Brotherly Love board, had shirked her responsibility to perform due diligence. But when Kessler requested books from Brotherly Love, Davis refused to provide them, saying, "[I] cannot shut down operations to locate five years worth of records."

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KennyPowersII topcommenter

Dirty Deerfield Beach. Never ends. From crooked commissioners to community crooks. Bring the Feds in.


even before getting to the end of this article, i knew who had written this POS just from this simple line.... After I personally tipped off authorities about rampant corruption in Deerfield Beach, a forensic auditor, Kessler International, was eventually hired by the city to investigate. was this line even necessary? you cant help but to try to continually patting yourself on the back. i am glad the gov't took all your hard work (said tongue in cheek) and didnt give you any satisfaction. i call that payback for all your gf's you did that to. again little fish, new times allows you time in the sun otherwise, barely any comments would be made. up your game little fish, many have grown tiresome of your lame actions. 

frankd4 topcommenter

and alternatively many of these "churches" are really fronts for affinity frauds such as bogus time-share sales and highly-speculative if not outright fraudulent investment schemes perpetrated on the uneducated flocks and typically elderly parishoners who trust these "pastors" who are really nothing more than modern day snake-oil salesmen

if you every hear someone uttering the mantra I AM BLESSED, that most likely means they have been screwed by their nearest and dearest religious leadership

frankd4 topcommenter

small potatoes compared to LOUIS FARRAKHANs and his NATION OF ISLAM that provided "security" to low income and section 8 government housing at the annual cost to taxpayers of some $1oo,ooo,ooo - it's why you would see all those guys with their little red bow-ties running around the urban projects (although they worked for farrakhan's church for FREE,  the good pastor louis bilked the federal government big-time)


@KennyPowersII This is one Davis down, another to go...

The funny thing is ... I'm called a racist...  I find that odd.  I merely follow the corruption story (normally grant funding)...  That usually takes me to AA communities -- where it's the black local power structure taking advantage of their own.

But, Anthony Davis plays the easy card -- playing on ancient (and reasonable) fears to deflect any criticism or investigation of his activities.

Davis, by the way, just found himself tossed from the United Way Broward County Board of Governors.

One of his two remaining properties just (1/3/2013) put into foreclosure.


@burninshore And my words just went out to 48,000 readers in the print edition.

And you?

Seriously... Here's the deal.  This is the last time I shall ever write to you.  You bore me.


@ChazStevensGenius @burninshore you've said that each time, and yet each time you take time out of your busy crime fighting (self promoting) day to remind me how you won't respond to me again... again i posed a simple question for you to answer and again all you retort is some nonsense on how famous you are...LOL...again little fish up your game....i can't wait for your next insult to be flung at are no more important than the next guy in line waiting for their lunch...get over yourself, we all else have


@burninshore Its become his MO now ,you bore me and I will never write to you again.I think he gets that line from the Feds who are sick of his petty complaints.Keep busting these hardened criminals Timmy  after all,you are the Gayfly of the Year

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