Nadya Suleman, AKA Octomom, Scheduled to Dance at Palm Beach Strip Joint

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Wait, I have to keep all these?
Yup, looks like this is happening.

About a year ago, Palm Beach County's hopes were high when word spread that a local strip club would host the inaugural naked shimmy (just the tops, not the bottoms -- keep it classy) of Nadya Suleman, known the world over as Octomom.

Those plans were 86'd when an employee of T's Lounge was featured in a local TV spot badmouthing Suleman. She-of-freakish-fertility took the comments as offensive and canceled the event. Cue lawsuits, mayhem, broken dreams, and a strangely contentious debate over the accuracy of Google maps.

Now, Suleman and the club seem to have made nice. This Valentine's Day weekend, she's on the books for a performance at the club. In addition to catching the skin show, if you turn up at the club for the performance, you also may have the pleasure of having Suleman cracking open your plastic Bud Light -- she's scheduled to celebrity-bartend.

If, like us, this news immediately set off an internal debate about whether your significant other would enjoy the comic significance of spending Valentine's Day at a strip club watching humanity at its nadir in action, let us fast-forward you through the silence, tears and apologies: bad idea. Just a heads-up.

This is turning out to be a big year for Suleman. Her solo wank porn video recently snagged an AVN award for Best Celebrity Sex Tape. And she's back on welfare.

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T's Lounge

312 S. Congress Ave., West Palm Beach, FL

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I bet you could open an umbrella in that thing, yank it out and never hit either side


. . . I'm looking for the keys to my bus and when we find them we can drive out of here.

frankd4 topcommenter

truth IS stranger than fiction - no ?


This makes you wonder how can she afford babysitters? You know it takes more than one to manage 8 children

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