Marco Rubio Manages to Convince Hannity and Limbaugh to Support Immigration Proposal

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Marco Rubio is using his Charisma Boy! powers to Jedi Mind Trick a couple of the most influential GOPer talking heads into actually accepting the liberal(ish) immigration plan he and his fellow senators are touting.

Most notably, Rubes convinced Fox News' Sean Hannity as well as radio nutter Rush Limbaugh -- which either shows Rubio's talent to reason with crazy people or proves that Hannity and Limbaugh will agree with anyone on anything as long as anyone and anything isn't Barack Obama.

Either way, a hardy terrorist fist-bump by us to Rubio is in order.


Rubio appeared on Hannity's program on Monday night to talk up the bill.

Sean had said Rubio's reform proposal had been the "most thoughtful bill that I have heard heretofore" and made it official via a news release and by using the word heretofore.

But on Monday, Hannity came at Rubio with a skeptical, not sure if vibe by by insinuating that the current proposal would be a virtual blanket amnesty.

But Rubio was quick and smooth and pointed out that this bill was different from the failed 2007 bill that aimed at comprehensive reform.

"In essence, we are not creating an incentive, and we are not rewarding it," Rubio said. "Because, quite frankly, for many of these people, they would have been better off doing it the right way."

Rubio then pulled the border security card by saying if measures for a more secure border were not put in place, it would make his support for the bill void.

Since Hannity is all about keeping them dirty Mexicans terrorists from entering the U.S. via unsecured borders, this argument seemed to sway him.

Limbaugh was not as convinced. "We'll have to wait and see and find out," he railed Monday like an angry blowfish that just ran out of oxycodone. "But this is one of those, just keep plugging away, plugging away, plugging away until you finally beat down the opposition."

But when he spoke with Rubio directly on Tuesday, Rush was less bombastic and dickish about the whole thing.

"I thought it was critically important that we outline the key principles," Rubio told Rush, while adding he doesn't want the debate to be defined by Obama and the lefties.

Like the secure-border thing did with Hannity, that seemed to quell Rush into a tranquil haze of agreement.

"What you are doing is admirable and noteworthy," Rush said to Rubio.

By the power of Charisma Boy!

"There's a lot of work to be done here," Rubio said. "We're nowhere near the finish line. But it's important to outline our principles."

Rush ended his radio segment with Rubio by saying, "Is that a good guy or what, folks? Here is a guy who does not fear talk radio."

We tip our hat to Rubio for pulling this off.

It's both sad and crazy that a political party's decision on how to vote for an entire important, impacting law is in the hands of racist dipshits.

But mostly, it's crazy.

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KennyPowersII topcommenter

Sadly, Rubio is interjected into this "plan". He should recuse himself with bias. The senator from Cuba cannot be impartial.

winsomelosesome topcommenter

"It's both sad and crazy that a political party's decision on how to vote for an entire important, impacting law is in the hands of racist dipshits."

It's NOT you twit

chrisjoseph13 writer

@winsomelosesome Oh no. Not at all. Golden Boy is making the rounds at FOX and Liberrrrr to convince them to back the proposal just for fun. 

winsomelosesome topcommenter

When did Hannity or Limbaugh last vote on ANYTHING? 

You're the dipshit for castigating a whole party based on two commentators.

Guess I'll have to listen to Rachel, the Reverand Al and Chris instead of Obama , Reed and Pelosi from now on.

winsomelosesome topcommenter

He checked off a box.  Like Hillary going on Gretta. He'll never be invited on MSNBC and his base watches FOX. And he didn't go on to convince as much as explain.  Which he would have done on any show.

 But, whatever, Chris.  You believe what you believe.  Winsome out

chrisjoseph13 writer

@winsomelosesome Hannity and Rush hold sway and influence on the party, you goof.... 

That's why Rubio had to go on their shows to discuss the proposal. FOX and Rush are the bullhorns to millions of GOP voters who the GOP depend on. This is pretty much understood across the board. This is why Rubio took time out of his busy schedule to make the rounds to meet with these two nutters. He wouldn't otherwise.

Rubio would tell you this himself if he could.

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