"Blow Me," Cooper City Commissioner Lisa Mallozzi Tells Resident During Meeting

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Cooper City Commissioner Lisa Mallozzi didn't agree with someone at the commission meeting telling her something she disagreed with, so she gave a terse rebuttal to the person's remarks.

And by "terse rebuttal," we mean she told this person to blow her.

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Oh, Cooper City. Is there no end to your wacky ways?

Mallozzi was busy arguing with fellow commissioner John Sims -- the very same commissioner who once posted a racist message on his Facebook about Barack Obama and then chalked it up to an old "internet joke."

Eighty-one-year-old Gladys Wilson, a former commissioner, interjected herself into the argument and was met by Mallozzi's request to go and perform an oral act, sexual in nature, upon the commissioner.

And the whole thing was caught on video.

During the debate, Sims said, "I don't want somebody like Commissioner Mallozzi, quite frankly, going to the Broward League of Cities and voting on some ridiculous thing I don't want to support."

Mallozzi came back at Sims by referencing his Facebook fiasco.

"Like your vile Facebook posting," she said, "it is my constitutional First Amendment right of free speech to go to any commission meeting."

That's when Wilson interjected with a "That's disgusting," directed toward Mallozzi.

And then Mallozzi retorted at Wilson with "Blow me."

Although the expression remains one of the all-time greatest rebuttals, a commissioner's meeting is really not the place an elected official wants to be swinging it. And now, the remark has gotten Mallozzi in some hot water.

At least one resident, Bob Sands, has called for Mallozzi to resign. Sims wants her censured. Wilson, who has been a critic of Mallozzi for some time, merely wants an apology.

According to Bob Norman, Wilson says she has no idea what "blow me" means, but she does know it's offensive.

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Blowing is not a bad thing however for a "lady" to use such an expression would make one wonder exactly what she has between her legs!

frankd4 topcommenter

i don't know if it was directed at commissioner sims or an eighty year old resident in attendance BUT either way it shows the classlessness and disrespectfulness of mallozzi

well that does show mallozzi qualifies to be a FLORIDA politition !

no doubt about it

frankd4 topcommenter

well we all get the government we deserve - right ?

problem is as sad as this is these are the people who will determine the quality of life and value of personal residences and allocate scarce resources among competing requirements

bigger problem is the these stooges that got in are the best that can be found


Hey, who knows whats between them legs?

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