Lantana Man Arrested for Possession of Moonshine Still

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Yep. This guy made and sold moonshine.

The Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco wanted to nab themselves a moonshiner.

Because moonshiners are apparently still a thing in the 21st Century. 

(This is Florida, after all)

So they placed a fake ad on the most obvious place a moonshiner would look. 


"Looking for some strong moonshine," the ad read. "If you got some of the strong stuff, shoot me a text."

And not long after, someone responded all, awww yeah I got some o'dat strong stuff chu look' feh right cheeer!

And the cops done nabbed themselves a moonshiner.

Daniel David Pawa, 23, of Lantana, responded to the Craigslist ad on November 13.

And whoanelly, did dat boeey Pawa have hisself a crapload of hooch t'sell!

Over the course of three months, the undercover agent who placed the ad purchased more than 40 gallons of moonshine from Pawa.

After conducting one last purchase of moonshine from Pawa via the ad, agents arrested him in West Palm Beach. They also seized a .45 caliber pistol from his possession.

A search through Pawa's home discovered everything the enterprising hooch maker and distributor would need: a moonshine still, liquor bottles, a hydrometer, and, of course, mason jars.

Cuz y'ain't drankin' no moonshine if it ain't from no mason jar, natch!

Authorities also seized a grenade from Pawa's home. Because, of course a moonshiner would have a grenade lying around the house, randomly.

Pawa's accomplices, Michael Ryan Inman, 26 and Amanda Marie Pouncey, 26, were also arrested.

Pawa is facing multiple charges, including possession of moonshine, conspiracy to violate beverage laws, possession of illegal alcohol containers and concealing beverages. Each count carries a maximum of five years in prison. The possession of a firearm charge carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

Dat organic chemistry t'aint fer dockters no moar!

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That was a terrible use of taxpayer dollars.


Judging by his mug shot that there moonshine is peeeerty good !!!

icculus17 topcommenter

I'd love to know how many tax dollars were spent on this, multiple agents for months on end?  For basically someone dodging taxes.  Rich people here duck taxes everyday, but I don't see many white collar folks ever getting napped for tax evasion.  This guys was no Al Capone.  I wonder which of the higher-ups concocted this stupid plan in the first place.

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