Kim Rothstein Will Plead Guilty to Felony Charge

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Ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein's wife, Kim Rothstein, was charged in September with conspiracy to commit money laundering after it was discovered that she and her pals concealed more than $1 million of jewelry from the federal government, including a 12.08-carat diamond ring worth 450 grand.

Prosecutors say Rothstein, her former attorney Scott Saidel, and her friend Stacie Weisman had cooked up a scheme to sell the jewelry and then persuade Mr. Ponzi himself to lie during a sworn deposition when he was asked about the diamond ring.

All three appeared in a brief court hearing on Wednesday afternoon and say they are ready to take plea deals on February 1 for their roles in the conspiracy.

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According to Rothstein's lawyer, David Tucker, Kim will plead guilty to the conspiracy to commit money laundering, obstruct justice and tamper with a witness charge.

"She has accepted responsibility for what she has done and is looking forward to moving on with her life and putting this insanity behind her," Tucker told reporters after the court hearing.

The ring Rothstein purportedly tried to stash and hide from the feds was an intense yellow VS2 radiant-cut colored diamond, which is supposedly very rare and very large. 

Scott had purchased the ring for $403,012 back in July 2008.

These diamonds are graded in the most pretentiously named scale in the history of scales: Fancy. Intense. Vivid.

Kim's ring is labeled as Intense.

Hiding a $450,000 ring from the feds and then pretending it never existed is far cry from the $1.4 billion Ponzi scheme her husband put together, but it's still a pretty big deal.

Scott pleaded guilty to five felony charges for orchestrating the largest investment fraud in South Florida history. He was sentenced to 50 years in federal prison.

For her part, Kim could face up to five years in prison on the federal charge.

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frankd4 topcommenter

the thing to remember is these assets are hidden only to provide for a continuing and future lifestyle these scammers do not want to fund by working for honestly earned money

they want to play everyone around them as their servants and inferior commodities whose only purpose is to feed the greed

having previously positioned herself as an innocent victim who would be destined to a life of poverty and rejection it is now apparent that she is a scammer and schemer that has no hesitation to use people for her own ends - no matter what the consequences to those she used

scott and kim really did deserve each other


It just goes to show you how dumb she really is, to think the recovery lawyers would miss that.  It will be a shame if Scott Saidel goes to jail before Rosenfeldt and Adler, however. 

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Greedy Semites get busted again.


Kim will make lots of friends in prison. So will Al Lamberti when the feds are done investigating all of the dirty deeds he performed after getting elected with the Ponzi scheme money the Rothstein's stole from unsuspecting investors. Lamberti may have squeeked into office once but after the people of Broward recognized that the dirty Ponzi scheme money paid for it, they gave him the boot. Remarkably, Lamberti will still remain the official sheriff for 6 more days. He is a disgrace.



What's the scale for Kim's concern about jail time?

Tossed Salad. More Tossed Salad.  Tossing Tossed Salad?

frankd4 topcommenter

the issue really is how could anyone know, other than KIM herself, what her
motives were ?
i just don't find KIM credible, and, of course, i could be wrong, but
how often does an "innocent victim" keep turning up a the scene of the crime
i find that part of unquestionably being in the spot-light of SCOTT was an
internal desire in KIM to feel above all others, and also above the law, as well
as being above ever having a typical, yet honest, line of employement, because
of where she originally came from
i've read the complaint and i don't know if KIM really is as innocent as
portrayed, and i certainly would NOT base an opinion on whatever KIM says, not at
this point, as KIM has had too many opportunities to get away from anything
related to SCOTT

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