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Back in the early '90s, shortly after the Fire Ant crash-landed in Palm Beach, we hooked up with some other malcontents and put out an alternative rag called Red Herring. It was an alternative that looked alternative, mainly because it depended on the largesse of a string of eccentric businessmen who knew zilch about the newspaper biz and couldn't quite bankroll a sleeker, glossier product. We had a lot of fun.

Among the fun was an issue called "50 of Our Favorite Things," which wasn't exactly a "best of," more like, "We could bitch and moan about this place -- this Flori-duh -- but instead, we want to share with you some other stuff, stuff that enriches our lives here and might enrich yours."

On a similar note, here's a list for the coming year. (Reader comment, criticism, and suggestions more than welcome.)

hipster party

-- We are going to get out of the house and see and do and hang here:

The Norton Museum: Palm Beach has South Florida's best museum, with a terrific, wide-ranging permanent collection (photography and Asian art are strong points) and ingenious curators who know the historic and the happening. Evidence last year included shows of Tacita Dean and Jenny Saville. Coming up soon are Annie Leibovitz and works from the Doris Duke collection.

ActivistArtistA: Miami expat Rolando Chang Barrero's vision of an arts district in an out-of-the-way industrial strip of Boynton Beach has the free-form feel of a London squat and a generous, welcoming spirit. Sip wine, meet the artists, schmooze.

Harold's Coffee: The long-sought revival of West Palm Beach's Northwood district has reached critical mass: art, antiques, style, food, hanging out. Gentrification of the gentlest sort, with the indigenous, multiculti inhabitants still part of the stroll. Take it all in from Harold's, and dig on film, drum circles, erotic poetry night, knowledgeable baristas.

Palm Beach Dramaworks: Repertory theater that doesn't rely on musical comedy to fill the seats? Talking 'bout high-level craft and serious drama, nourishment for the mind and the soul. Season's well under way, with a couple more days to go of an Albee, with a lesser-known Ionesco and others yet to come.

The West Palm Beach Public Library  and Lake Worth's Compass Center: The library has become a multipurpose, multimedia community center; the center is not just for gays and lesbians any more--if it ever was. Films, yoga, jazz and traveling exhibits at the library; traveling exhibits, the annual Pridefest street party and Stonewall Black and White Ball courtesy of the Compass. 

Lake Worth's downtown: Local live music and visiting musicians lend the strains of strings here almost every night of the week. There's open air events in the plaza, bring-your-own-banjo at Havana Hideout, and rock and blues at South Shores. Russ Hibbert's Americana palace the Bamboo Room anchors the "J" street cool, across the way from everything alternative at Propaganda.

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Thank you again for a great review about Compass, the organization's role in the community and all of your favorite places in the Palm Beaches...a great place to live in South Florida!



Hey FireAnt;

I checked out Hao's Noodle over the weekend.

Fucking awesome man.  Reminds me of San Fran -- seriously good Asian eats at great prices.

Good get.

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