Anus Tattoo Girl, Maria Louise Del Rosario, Has a New Website

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By now, pretty much everyone has seen, read about or has heard of Maria Louise Del Rosario, aka The Anus Tattoo Girl.

Since the New Times broke her amazing journey of being a pioneer of getting one's asshole tatted up, the internet has exploded (three million views in the first three days alone).

Countless websites have written about her, posted our video and have gotten crazy reaction by readers from literally all over the planet.

You're welcome, Universe!

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Well, now, turns out that Maria is an aspiring model, and is using her asshole tat fame to launch her own website, complete with bikini photos and nudes.

Oh yes. The Anus Tattoo Girl has nudes.

And, of course, the cover photo for the site is of Maria spreading open her butt cheeks.

The site, Beautiful Disaster, is broken into three parts.



BTS (behind the scenes).

Maria 11.jpg
The Beautiful section (mildly NSFW) is filled with Maria posing in a neon yellow bikini, a seashell top bikini, and a couple of mild topless photos.

Disaster (definitely NSFW) rocks a few more topless pics, with a buttshot.

BTS is for you pervos (Very much NSF.... Okay, okay, click here! Jesus!), where she is topless, bottomless, and uhhh... shaved.

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Damn! The links don't work. I wanted to see that shaved snatch. I'd fuck her tatted ass super hard

frankd4 topcommenter

too bad she wasn't available to run as MITT ROMNEYs running-mate in the presidential election

all this kid has to say now is that she is a member of the TEA-BAG party and her career will sky-rocket

commenter8 topcommenter

Where's the anus tattoo close-up photo?


Ran into this girl last week as she was running around the Culture Room.  She was out of it an telling me she wished no one would force her into being a "freak show" yet in the same breathe said she was just being herself.

Scary girl and kinda sad.


tell her that her website looks like shit.  the photos are cool, but the layout, graphics, and overall feel of the website is garbage.  you might want to hook her up with someone that knows how to build a proper website.

@smdrpepper it was all an act if you knew me on a personal level and you understood what i have been thru then you would understand that it is a cry for help not attention...don't be quick to judge someone you don't even know...let alone those you think you might know...believe half of what you see and none of what you hear.


@smdrpepper No freak show  would be if she had an EXIT ONLY tatoo on her ass!!!


@jerfeldman It's one of those free GoDaddy GetOnTheWebTonight things..


See kitten, send me an email -- I do this stuff for a living. 

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