Donald Trump and Company: South Florida Celebrity Christmas Tweets

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How the celebrities tweet in the new year.
Christmas Day. Now is the time to spend time with family, read a book, listen to Christmas jams, open gifts, and, if you're a South Florida celebrity living in a postmodern age, reach for your Twitter feed to dispatch the good tidings.

Because apparently it's not Christmas unless it's an Instagram Christmas.

Bron Bron has been has loquacious as always. He's sent out four separate Christmas tweets, one of which informed us he won't be returning our holiday well-wishes -- because, well, he's just TOO POPULAR and that would take TOO MUCH TIME.

Then, in case we didn't already know it's good to be King, he sent out this Instagram photo, informing us that his children will be "amped" come morning.


Next: Donald. He's also spending the holidays down in South Florida at his Palm Beach pad. And Donald does on Christmas what Donald does every day. Sell, baby, sell.

And because the Donald does have a beating heart somewhere between the blankets of birther-vitriol and bombast, he also had something decent to say. Thanks, Donald.

And where's Diddy, you ask? From what lair of depravity doth he slake his thirst with the nectar of Cristal? Apparently, while simultaneously wishing us all a merry Christmas, from this one:


But, people, listen. Diddy's not all about the party. He's also a family man. And just a few hours later, he was home. "THE TREE I love being #blacksanta," Sean Combes squeeled. And so, behold, the Tree of Diddy.


Meanwhile, Gloria Estefan played it cool. No bloviations from this girl.

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@DonaldTrumpTime Merry Christmas Donald

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