Rush Limbaugh Says "Leftists" Using Newtown to Promote Anti-Gun Agenda

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Didn't take conservative blowfish blowhard Rush Limbaugh long to jump into the Newtown fray and open his mouth hole to say things about how the media, the Left, Democrats, and all other Pee-On-the-American-Flag-and-Use-the-Constitution-to-Wipe-Their-Dicks Freedom-Hating Groups to come out and try to take away guns because someone with easy access to guns walked into an elementary school and systematically massacred little children.

Limbaugh went on his radio show on Monday and spewed out his hot eruditeness all over his listeners' faces with this gem:

"But you see, there's a political agenda here. And when this event happened, I knew that two things were happening immediately. Aside from everything that we were being told about it being wrong, the media, Democrats and leftists were doing everything they could to find a way to blame this on their political opponents. Not just talk radio. Not just Fox News. But on Republicans, conservatives, or conservative values."

Conservative values, like being able to purchase assault rifles and handguns at your local Walmart along with your buy-one-get-one-free deodorant and Fiber One cereal.

Conservative values, like the right to be able to get your hands on a gun that should be used only by Navy SEALS and Israeli Desert Commandos and just freely walk into a movie theater or a mall or a temple or a school or a restaurant or a park and start treating people like paper targets at the youth fair.


Limbaugh, of course, then used the familiar caveat that says he's not so much into guns as much as he's but a humble champion for the Constitution. A REAL AMERICAN HERO, THIS GUY.

"Folks, let me tell you what this point is. The guns in this culture are the secondary target here. The primary target is the Constitution itself. That is what is under assault. That is what is in the cross-hairs of people who are using this tragedy to advance an agenda."

Those damned Leftists and their Second Amendment-hating Nazi ways! They are callously using the tragedy of Newtown to push an agenda that would make it harder for bad people to get their hands on guns and kill other people, sometimes even kids. This! Is! An! Outrage!

The Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment into the Constitution, and by golly, now we just gotta do what it say!

Because a person being able to easily get their hands on high-powered rifles like, say, a Bushmaster semi-automatic rifle that uses .233 bullets for maximum damage and -- specifically -- the AR-15 Bushmaster, which can be easily modified to dodge restrictions (especially in strict gun law states like, hmmm, let's see... Connecticut?), is exactly what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they said it was everyone's right to own a musket to protect their livestock from invading Brits.

But, nah, you're totally right, Rush. 

This is all just an agenda. 

And your maze of circular logic is too much for us to handle! 

We'll just stop calling for action on people being able to get their hands on a modified M-16 and just pick up this debate after the next massacre at a college campus or supermarket or NFL game or church service or preschool.

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A minimum of 250,000 guns are reported stolen each year in the USA. So, even with background checks, waiting periods and anything other than a ban (with retrieval/buyback) on at least certain weapons and ammo means that guns are going to get into the wrong hands. Let's not forget that surveys show that about 40% of people don't keep their gun locked up at home.Ban all rapid fire weapons. Limit clip/mag size to no more than 6 (maybe 10). Make it impossible to quick swap clips/mags by retrofitting existing weapons so that reloading requires a tool and a reasonable period of time.I doubt we can ever be as lucky as Australia and completely stop the mass murders (as has happened there since they instituted their ban, but we can at least slow these cretins down...make it possible for someone to get to them. 


Limbaugh is as bad as Westborough, both are aiming to profit off this tragedy.

 First off, no one is saying they are taking guns away, especially the President.  What IS being said is there needs to be regulation to prevent something like this from happening again.  I am a gun owner and I agree with this idea.  It IS too easy to get these weapons.  I know FAUX "news" say its a bad idea, but when your buying a gun, they SHOULD do a background check on everyone in the house that could have contact with it, just to make sure no one living in the household is not some raving lunatic.


@byChrisJoseph "buy one get one free deodorant" line is pretty damn funny man...


Chris, it seems to me Rush is saying something more insidious. I don't listen to Rush so I only have the snippets in your article without additional context, but it looks like he is saying that the left going against guns is only a means to the end that the left is actually seeking: to get rid of the entire Constitution. Which is a little humorous because the Constitution is precisely what sets up the government Rush always rails against.


the digital key (token) that some Police use could be implemented so it would only fire if you have that token... but the CT shooter could have gotten that, as well as the guns and ammo, so that would not have stopped this crime.

-I think we should ask ourselves, WHY in the last 20 years has this increased so much.  -there were plenty of guns in the 50-70's but we didn't (IIRC) have these mass murders.

could moral decay, TV violence, and Violent Video games have a impact on how people behave?    I don't know, but its clear its on the increase, and its not just due to more guns.  -it was actually easier to get guns in the 60-70's.  

Not sure what the solution is, but just taking guns away from legal owning citizens isn't going to solve very much.

KennyPowersII topcommenter

America is a violence prone society. Perpetual state of war. An uncompromising military industrial alliance. An entertainment industry that glorifies violence or at least treats it as entertainment. Culture clash of unprecedented levels. Then something like this event occurs. Why is anyone surprised by the event or the irrational explanations and solutions?


@byChrisJoseph The Constitution was .NOT the target in this situation. A room full of 6 year olds was the target, Rush. So yeah, fuck guns


Actually Chris.

It's worth some research about the Founding Father's thoughts of gun ownership.

If I recall.

1.  There was a Gov't mandate requiring the purchase of a gun

2.  Not everyone was allowed a gun

3.  You needed to swear your allegiance to the Revolutionary cause

For the record, I own several assault weapons.  All under lock and key.


What does young Adam Lanza, armed with a .223 Bushmaster semiautomatic rifle, have to do with anything “well regulated,” or with a “Militia,” or with “security,” or with a “free State” or with “the people”?

chrisjoseph13 writer

@FatHand Yep... I kind of tried to hit on that with the snark, but wanted to stay on topic with gun control. But, yea, I'd say that's about the size of it. 


@KennyPowersII   yes,   I forgot Movie violence and glorification of murder. 

I have to think its a cultural change.  the question is how to reverse the trend.  its not like spoons make people fat, or guns kill on their own.  

 Sick people do these crimes.     how do we have less sick people with guns? 


@ChazStevensGenius   good post.


Founding fathers were worried about the government controlling is citizens, and they wanted the citizens to be able to defend and defeat the government should they decide to over rule the majority.  

So I do believe they would have wanted citizens to have assault weapons, and other weapons equal to the military and governments.  

I still don't think guns alone are the problem.  the culture and mentality has changed to the point its enabling and encouraging this type of behavior.   

 Why has that occurred is the real question.


@JoeMamma @ChazStevensGenius I understand the fight to bear arms.  

I also understand the right to NOT BEAR ARMS and be safe.

What is happening in America is insane.  Travel outside of this country and learn what others think of us firsthand.

 What the fuck?  Have we become Somalia?

I do in safe, reasonable, sane gun control regulation.

This shit about "enforce the laws on the books" is spin.  In 33 states, you can buy a weapon without an ID.

The last time Congress took up gun control legislation, it was to vote of to deny the rights of folks on No Fly Lists to buy weapons.  The GOP resoundingly voted that down. We're worried about you blowing up a plane, so in consolation, here's a Ingram Mac 10.

As mentioned, I have a variety of weapons.  I have a carry permit.  I have a few Tax Stamps items.  All legitimately purchased.  All adult owned and supervised.

I am not the problem here, but there is a problem here.

As to your idea of the Founding Fathers wanting a well-maintained militia...  Isn't time we figured out a less "expensive" way of keeping that freedom?

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