Polo Mogul John Goodman's "Broken" Ankle Monitor to Be Examined

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International Polo Club owner John Goodman, who had been under house arrest on a DUI manslaughter charge for killing 23-year-old Scott Wilson back in February 2010 with his car, was caught screwing with his ankle monitor back in October.

Palm Beach County Circuit Judge Jeffrey Colbath had Goodman's bond temporarily revoked based on the evidence presented by prosecutors that he broke the monitor.

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Goodman's lawyers had claimed the device broke accidentally. But deputies found that Goodman had smashed it with the side of a handheld mirror while in the shower.

Goodman was put back into jail from house arrest on October 10.

Now, according to a court order issued by Judge Jeffery Colbath last week, a lab in Stuart will examine the ankle monitoring device in question.

Goodman, who has not been in actual real-life jail, rather than being allowed to frolic in his 160-acre complex in the International Polo Club under house arrest, will remain in jail until at least December 18. A hearing on Goodman's appellate bond was rescheduled by Colbath.

Back in October, the deputies assigned to watch over Goodman say the mogul went to his second-floor bathroom on October 10 to shower. The deputies waiting outside the bathroom door immediately got a call from headquarters telling them the ankle monitor had been tampered with.

When the cops confronted Goodman, he claimed to have heard a "clicking noise" on his monitor. He was ordered out of house arrest and into jail after the incident.

Goodman was convicted by a jury in March of DUI manslaughter with failure to render aid.

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Granted, Roy Black is a sack of crap.  I agree.  However, John Goodman is a scumbag of epic proportions for refusing to accept responsibility and trying to blame everyone else for this tragedy but himself.  He is SOLELY responsible. Time to man up and take the punishment.  I don't care how rich he is.


This is a tragedy of epic proportions.  John Goodman made terrible choices...for lack of character or whatever.  But he's no Whitey Bulger who gunned down people for sport.  Goodman isn't evil.  Regarding the adoption  of his girlfriend, I lay that decision squarely on his defense team led by Roy Black.  And Roy Black is a lying sack of crap. He loves getting his hand in some rich guy's pocket.  He is very dark.


What a lying sack of crap Goodman is.  Will he ever take responsibility for being an overindulged, irresponsible drunk and killing a man or will he forever try to throw money at the problem to escape consequences?  What a weak man he is.  Real men can take the heat and consequences of the damage THEY caused.  Goodman is as weak as a sniveling 5 year old little girl. First he adopts his 40 something year old gf to avoid paying money out to the victims...what a piece of lying crap.

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