NRA Holds Press Conference, Rick Scott Still Silent

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It took them exactly one week after the Newtown tragedy to come up with things to say, but the NRA finally held their much ballyhooed press conference Friday to let all of America know that guns are totally awesome so don't stop buying them, please.

NRA Head Honcho Wayne LaPierre joined our very own Dennis Baxley in calling for armed people to walk around in schools.

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He blamed the media for putting the Newtown killings on "guns" and not focusing on mental health issues and violent video games.

LaPierre's money quote was that "the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun."

Because our world is not at all complex. It's a world of good guys and bad guys. Like in the movies!

LaPierre's notion of having Soldiers of Fortune patrolling our schools is neat and all. After all, the President has his own security detail. Because people are trying to murder him every single day... JUST LIKE YOUR CHILDREN!

Yea, let's dial it down with the "if only those people had guns, that bad guy would never have killed all those people" horseshit.

The NRA's Good Guys With Guns presser was really just a giant lobby trying desperately to stop the bleeding (even though gun sales have soared in the wake of the tragedy because... 'MERICA!).

Here are the facts:

-Schools are safe. Period. The statistics speak for themselves. Your kids are safe. What happened in Newtown, and Virginia Tech, and the Colorado movie theater, and other massacres of the like was definitely a mental health issue. But they were mostly a People With Guns That Shouldn't Have Had Fucking Access To Guns issue. What LaPierre and Baxley would love to see happen is for people to freak their shit over Newtown and start hiring armed "good guys" to walk around your kids' school. And who would get paid for this idea? The NRA! BRILLIANT!

-People with guns don't actually stop bad guys. The number one argument the NRA and gun-humping trogs love to point out is that armed people will stop bad guys with guns. But, this too is horseshit.

We'd like to think we all turn into Dirty Harry when confronted by a maniac with a gun bent on doing people harm. But the reality is, we'd all turn into Fredo in The Godfather when his father is gunned down by rival gangsters, shitting our pants and dropping our gun . Or worse, being added to the body count.

As for our state:

-According to Florida's Vital Statistics Annual Report, Florida has the 15th-highest homicide rate in the nation, with guns accounting for the overwhelming majority of the killings. Duval County will finish the year with more than 100 homicides. That's more murders by firearm in a year than in all of Britain, a nation of 63 million people. Florida also has one of the highest suicide rates in the country, thanks to guns.

Meanwhile, as we pointed out yesterday, Rick Scott has been mum on the issue, only saying this on CNN this week:

"I think the right thing that we ought to do is what you have been doing and that's respect these families and this community. Second, what I've done in this state is ask every one of our schools to go back and look at our safety precautions and let's make sure every parent feels comfortable."

Let's not say shit, but let's totally make parents feel safe by looking at our safety plans. Just look at them. Good plan, Rick.

"The NRA is going to bring all its knowledge, all its dedication and all its resources to develop a model National School Shield emergency response program for every school in America that wants it," LaPierre said in his presser today.

The bottom line is the NRA is basing their fantastic notion of Super School Gun Warriors on fear and horseshit. And here in Florida, they're getting a lot of help from idiotic gun laws and Governor McSilentPants.

But hey, no worries. Bullet proof backpacks, y'all!

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Limpdick Scott is a coward, plain and simple. He's beholden to NRA and the rest of the RWNJ's out there that helped him buy his power trip as governor.

frankd4 topcommenter

AND ALSO.......what does any civilian need with a military style high-capacity assault GUN anyway ?

i would limit the GUN allowed to be possessed by citizens under the second amendment to be the gun in use during the time the second amendment was enacted..............OR ELSE the logic should extend to shoulder-mounted Bazookas and hand held Rocket-Propeled-Grenada Launchers - no ?

AND IS IT time innocent civilians considered wearing bullet-proof vests and helmets to PROTECT themselves from harm either as targets or innocent by-standers (even if they themselves don't have a GUN)  ? ? ?

frankd4 topcommenter

mr LAPIERRE was not talking to the american people as much as SENDING A CLEAR MESSAGE to congress and ALL legislators in state and local governments in america, that the NRA will not yield to its mission of arming ALL of us with military style high-capacity assault weapons FOR OUR OWN GOOD

one of the strange reports DURING mr lapierre's message was,  as he spoke,  a madman with an assault GUN killed a woman decorating a christmas tree in a church in pennsylvania, and subsequently it took THREE STATE POLICE officers to take him down (but not before one of the officers was shot twice by the madman)

so i guess MINISTERs and PRIESTs and CHOIRs and INTERIOR DECORATORs and olde AUNTIEs who donate their time to the church will be the next groups targeted who should be packing heat according to the NRA

here in FLORIDA most people can't DRIVE so i don't know how anyone could be expected to handle a GUN properly, especially in an emergency where things are happening in a flash, and typically it's the by-standers who get shot by the "good guy with the gun"

.........simply ask ANY COP if he/she would like to see MORE GUNs in people's hands across america


The NRA wants to start their own army and best of all they want the taxpayers to pay for it...including, of course, lots of new weapons purchased from their sponsors. Gee, what a shock.
We can't stop murder. We can't stop gun violence, but...

1. Complete ban on all clips/mags over 8 shots.

2. No more quick swap of mags/clips. Make it so that it takes at least 30 seconds to change mags/clips by forcing the use of a tool.

3. Ban all military ammo (armor piercing and explode on contact)

4. Ban all racially-identifiable silhouette targets.

5. Minimum stock and barrel lengths.

6. Require unique bullet marking.

7. Require token/biometric gun unlock prior to firing.

8. Stand-your-ground laws repealed. You must prove you had no reasonable escape.

9. Mandatory safety course and gun proficiency test prior to purchasing any weapon. Refresher required annually or gun license revoked.

10. 30-day waiting period for first weapon purchase and 10 days thereafter.

11. Mandatory registration and no private sales of guns.

12. No sales at gun shows.

13. No loaded weapons or ammo in same area/container outside of the home unless carry permit.

14. Carry permits require proof of need.

15. Strict liability by gun owner for any injury caused by his/her gun if not locked securely.

16. Maximum of 300 rounds of ammunition (100 of any single kind).

17. Ban on aggressive/manly advertising for weaponry.

There's some ideas. None will stop all gun deaths. Seat belts, air bags, child seats, tougher DUI laws  didn't stop all auto deaths but they sure helped. 


@NewTimesBroward @NRA @FLGovScott @ProgressFlorida he's quiet because he's afraid 2stand against people of Florida who now stand against#NRA


I still haven't heard a workable solution.  you just can't take away all the guns in the world.  

lower number of bullets per magizine, is reasonable.  but not going to stop this.  stricter rules on allowing purchase.  ok, but the woman that bought the guns would have passed.  

were they locked up?  I'm not sure.  Clearly that should be required.  but still not going to stop this.

they make a digital token the some LEO's use, where if you don't have it on your wrist gun won't fire but the kid could have gotten that with the rest of the ammo and guns.

-and whats to say he would not have hit he on the head with a bat, while she slept, instead of shooting her 1st.

I'm really open to a workable solution.  but we all know Chicago, NYC, and DC have very very strict gun laws, and huge numbers of gun murders...

personally, I feel safer with a gun than without one.  the old saying is you don't bring a knife to a gun fight.  and the bad guys have guns and think they always will.


@byChrisJoseph VA Tech had a fucking police force, Columbine an armed guard, Fort Hood A BATTALLION OF SOLDIERS. 2 CCWs in Aurora theater.

frankd4 topcommenter


i don't have ALL the details yet but somewhere like australia had a program as a result of a horrible massacre whereby the people would turn in ALL GUNs and an astounding number responded and a massacre hasn't occured since in the decade or so

seems to me we can either be DENMARK or SYRIA...........also seems to me quite a few loonies want US to become SYRIA

LOGICALLY do you really think MORE GUNs on the street is the answer ? .....i canNOT .....(and i would guess MOST in law inforcement would agree!)


@AustinTrentham but no one in the class rooms had a gun.  

think back to the old guy firing back at the bingo hall robbery.  the robbers hauled ass once he pulled it out and started firing.  

and the wendys robbery.  and many others... 

citizens with guns make robbers think twice.

really, criminals prefer un-armed citizens.


@JoeMamma @AustinTrentham 

In the 62 mass-murder cases over 30 years examined recently by the magazine Mother Jones, not one was stopped by an armed civilian. We have known for many years that a sheriff’s deputy was at Columbine High School in 1999 and fired at one of the two killers while 11 of their 13 victims were still alive. He missed four times.

People like Mr. LaPierre (NRA) want us to believe that civilians can be trained to use lethal force with cold precision in moments of fear and crisis. That requires a willful ignorance about the facts. Police officers know that firing a weapon is a huge risk; that’s why they avoid doing it. In August, New York City police officers opened fire on a gunman outside the Empire State Building. They killed him and wounded nine bystanders.

chrisjoseph13 writer

@JoeMamma @AustinTrentham Stats show an  overwhelmingly differently story. Criminals with guns and citizens with guns only turns everything into the Wild West. 

The NRA wants to have armed guards in schools, and as pointed out by Austin, that just doesn't work. 

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