Last-Minute Christmas Shopping On South Florida's Craigslist

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For a dad: "Frosty machines - $600 (Miami Gardens)"
Loves his Frosties, dad does. So why not outfit him with the hardware to make the kinda-ice cream in the comfort of his own home? These machines are a little pricey, but they look to be legit. Now, how someone gets his hands on restaurant-grade ordinance . . . that's between you and the seller . . .

For a college roommate: "King Tut Sarcophagus CD/DVD Cabinet 7ft tall -- $350 (Pompano Beach)

Guy's had a tough haul over the last ten years, what with quitting his accounting job, losing his long-time lady, and struggling on that screenplay. But hey, at least he's not living on your pull-out anymore. This is the perfect studio apartment warming/Christmas gift. Finally he can stack up all those Monty Python DVDs in one place.

For an uncle's third wife: "Portable Stripper XXX Pole Dance Fitness Go-Go Exercise - $200 (Plantation)"

Did you think something related to South Florida wouldn't end up involving a stripper pole? At Thanksgiving, your uncle's newest One-And-Only gave a demo of the latest moves she'd picked up in hip-hop yoga class -- a clear indication things were moving in this direction. Go ahead and outfit her with the latest in edgy exercise. The Craigslist write-up suggests this pole is for fitness, but as the accompanying action shot shows, the item can also handle some recreational use.

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