Giant Sperm Whales and Other Weird Things Washed Ashore: 8-Foot Lego Men, Giant Eyeballs, and More!

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Exhibit C: A Live Bomb (This Is Florida)

Last December, a U.S. Navy training mine, with a "live" blasting cap affixed to its cylinder, made landfall in Miami. It was six feet long and two feet in diameter, and -- listen, people -- ARMED TO EXPLODE.

red october bomb.jpg

And, lest we forget, this creature of the deep:

sea critter.jpg

Exhibit D: A Horse-Fish-Serpent

We're not sure what this thing is. And not sure we want to know.

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Anthonyvop1 topcommenter

How is a Sperm whale washing up on the beach weird?   But happening for thousands of years.

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