Florida to Have the Most Concealed Weapons Permits in the U.S.

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Hey good news, everybody! In only a matter of days, Florida will officially be number one in the most people with concealed weapons permits in the country!

According to Florida's Secretary of Agriculture Adam Putnam -- who seemed so proud of the milestone, he thought it would be neat to hold a press conference to share the great news with the whole wide world -- someone, somewhere in Florida will be the one-millionth person to get themselves a concealed weapons license.

"I'm asked about our licensing requirements more than any other topic," Putnam said.

One million people in Florida with concealed weapons? 


According to Putnam, people in Florida are really in love with the Second Amendment. But since you can't marry an an amendment, the next logical thing to do is abuse the shit out of it and get yourself a piece of paper that says it's totally cool to walk around Winn-Dixie with a hand cannon hidden inside your pants.

The requests for permits have climbed from 250,000 to more than a million over the last ten years or so.

Marion Hammer, head of the Florida affiliate for the National Rifle Association, is super thrilled about one million people walking around with concealed weapons permits.

Because... MURICA!

"It's great news," she said. "When the number of license holders increase, crime decreases. We have a record number of license holders now, and crime is the lowest it's been in 40 years."

Dubious numbers for the win hooray!!

Spokesman for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence, Ladd Everitt, said, "It should be a concern in Florida. "The state has basically let Marion Hammer write its gun policy."

Pfft. Whatever, hippie. This is Florida where we have gobs ... and gobs .... and gobs of responsible citizens. When people buy guns, crime goes down. IT'S TRUE BECAUSE IT'S ON THE INTRANETS! 

Says Putnam: "The Legislature made the decision to protect gun owners and we should respect that."

So, hey. This is not Nam. This is Florida. There are rules.

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That is an intelligent comment. 

I agree, that actual shooting experience should be part of the training requirement.

OTOH, how often do you read about people being shot by stray bullets?  -other than the police and criminals?  I don't hear it very much, and would think it would be very popular by most media... since they seem to hate guns in the hands of anyone but police and military.

-also recognize, when the constitution was written, and guns were allowed for the citizens, I believe it was to protect the citizens FROM THEIR GOVERNMENT. -just like they needed to against the British.

or, they would have allowed assault weapons to be owned by citizens.

frankd4 topcommenter

most people here do NOT know how to DRIVE, yet why is it assumed these same people can handle a GUN ?

without rigorous training, such as what police or military go through in GUN education, how is it that the average redneck thinks he can handle a GUN ?

do you want old people shooting at each other in PUBLIX ?



I think the more LAW ABIDING PEOPLE, that own guns, the LESS Crime you will see.

its a known fact, 9 out of 10 criminals prefer unarmed citizens.

Aand think about hurricane Sandy in NY/NJ... once the police can't protect you, who will?    Do you think you are safer if only the criminals have guns?

-This is the problem with most gun activists.  They want to remove guns from LAW ABIDING Citizens.     and don't have any solutions for keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. 

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