Charlie Crist, With Eye Toward Governor's Race, Embraces ObamaCare (So, For Reals, Forget What He Said Before)

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Over several weeks in early 2010, then-Governor Crist unleashed a series of tweets condemning President Obama's prospective health care reform bill. To Crist -- yes, the other Crist -- enacting ObamaCare would only constitute "the beginning." He said "Americans deserve better than this." He launched a petition to stop "health care secrecy" and vowed to send Washington "a message."

But yesterday, contemporary Crist said that other guy, recent-history Crist, had it all wrong. ObamaCare ain't half-bad. In fact, he told us yesterday in an interview, it's pretty good. He actually loves it. And he loves Obama. And he loves being a Democrat. (He also loves Florida.)

Oh, he loves a great many things, this Crist.

"The more I learn about [ObamaCare], the more I like it, and I think it's true for our country," Crist said. This, of course, implies that Crist hadn't bothered to learn about the bill before condemning it because, well, it HASN'T CHANGED FOR YEARS.

crist meme.jpg

Now, Crist is all butter about ObamaCare -- you see, it was just a steep learning curve. He didn't understand the nuances before. But now -- now! -- it makes perfect sense.

"If you have half a mind, it's better to use it and get exposed to new facts," Crist said. "If you don't take a different view i think they call that close-minded."

Crist said he hasn't made a decision to announce his candidacy for governor quite yet, but has been fielding a lot of calls about it. He says he's "listening."

Hopefully, he's listening a little closer than he did about ObamaCare.

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riverrat69 topcommenter

So Charlie is trying to flip flop his way to the top. Didn't work for Mittens.

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