Charlie Crist Goes Full Democrat Finally, Officially, For Real This Time

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After pretty much doing it unofficially over the last few years, former Florida governor Charlie Crist finally made his defection over to the Democrats over the weekend.

The signs have been there for some time.

-- In 2010, he left the Republican party in a failed attempt at U.S. Senate bid.

-- Then he hugged Obama!

-- Then in November, Crist endorsed Democratic incumbent Sen. Bill Nelson in the race for the Florida Senate.

-- Then he endorsed Obama for President

-- Also, Republicans hate him

Crist's switch-a-roo happened at a White House Christmas party, which will now fuel GOPer rumors that Obama's White House parties are brain washing conferences where people are shown propaganda films about how Obama ruined the economy on purpose so he can give away free shit.

"Proud and honored to join the Democratic Party in the home of President @BarackObama!" Crist tweeted out with a picture of he and his wife to show that he really isn't gay his party change is now official.

"I've had friends for years tell me, 'You know Charlie, you're a Democrat and you don't know it,'" Crist told the Tampa Bay Times.

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No doubt the GOPer blowback will be swift and angry and white hot.

But Crist reiterates his desire to go Democrat is because his ex-party has been turned over to the loons.

"What changed is the leadership of the Republican Party," Crist said in a phone interview Friday night. "As I said at the convention, I didn't leave the Republican Party, it left me. Whether the issue was immigration, or education, or you name it -- the environment. I feel at home now."

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This probably opens the door for Crist to make another run at governor here in Florida in 2014. With no real challenger stepping up to take on Rick Scott and his floundering approval ratings, Crist just might be the guy to unseat Gov. Voldemort.

This news will likely be received by mixed reviews on both sides of the fence. But we at least know that the Pizza Hugging Guy will be super stoked about it.

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Not true, the log cabin republicans love Crist.

frankd4 topcommenter

any GOP candidates seeking elected office will have to reconcile with ASIANs and HISPANICs and WOMEN before they do anything else at the national level

and after the GOP cave on the over $250,000 earners to raising the tax rates any state and local level elected politicians will have to individually devise ways to explain to their constituents as to how grover norquist is no longer relevant

since crist want the governorship as a springboard to national office YES he is better positioned as a DEMOCRAT avoid the "read my lips" future GOP embarrassment locally in florida and to avoid not having the numbers (the women the asians and the hispanics) nationally

its a simple calculation by a career politician for self-aggrandisement, since there really is no one as a voter who cares what crist is or does

those of us who really care know what an irrelevant laughing stock florida is even with its 29 electoral votes and large hispanic population many of whom vote republican as olde reagan republicans due to the cuban issue

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